Looking For A Healthy, Hearty Winter Breakfast? This Is Just The Thing

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by Natalia Lusinski
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Who doesn’t love a good breakfast burrito? Love & Lemons has a great recipe for one, featuring a lot of protein-rich foods, like eggs and avocados. (There’s also a vegan version, which has ingredients like black beans, spinach, and tofu scramble.)


If you’re more of a pancake person, and want a hassle-free recipe with just four ingredients, try Fit as a Mama Bear’s recipe for Dairy-Free Protein Pancakes. They’re low in carbs, but big on taste.

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This Tofu Scramble by Nora Cooks has all kinds of vegetables (and nutrients!) in it, from kale and/or spinach to garlic and onion. (Really, whatever you wish to add to it — just make sure tofu is in it, too!)


If you’re not an oatmeal type of person, you probably will be once you try this Healthy Winter Oatmeal recipe by Can Cook, Will Travel. Cinnamon, vanilla, and almond milk help add flavor to the oats, and you’ll get even more nourishment by topping the oatmeal with nuts and/or pomegranates.

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This Healthy Omelette recipe by Easy Chicken Recipes is packed with nutrients. With ingredients like kale, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese, you’ll get plenty of nutrients and greens to kick-start your winter morning.


If you want a side dish with your morning omelette or eggs, Wholesome Yum’s Keto Cauliflower Hash Browns recipe is just the thing. By adding a few things — like shredded onion and flaxseed meal — to some cauliflower rice, you’ll have a great keto-friendly side dish (or main dish) in no time!

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Maybe you’d prefer your oven to do the cooking for you, in which case you should make this Sweet Potato Breakfast Bake by Allrecipes. With eggs, kale, mushrooms, sausage (optional), and more, the dish is packed with flavor — and protein.

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If you want quesadillas for breakfast, look no further than this recipe for Spinach & Feta Breakfast Quesadillas by Sweet Peas and Saffron. Just fill them with fluffy scrambled eggs, your favorite vegetables (like spinach), and feta, and you’ll be ready to face the wintery day ahead.

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What’s that? You’re more of a taco person? Then these Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos by A Beautiful Plate will help fill you up and satisfy your taco cravings. With eggs, black beans, and sharp white cheddar cheese — to name a few ingredients — they’re not just tasty, but nutritious, too.

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Who says dessert can’t be for breakfast? This Creamy Coconut + Pomegranate Chia Pudding, by Registered Dietician Rachel DeVaux, will have you wanting seconds — and it’s easy to make, too! You just add all the ingredients to a jar and put it in the fridge a couple hours (or overnight), and voilà!

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