Looking For A Healthy, Hearty Winter Breakfast? This Is Just The Thing

Start the day right.

by Natalia Lusinski
Peanut butter and jelly vegan chia pudding bowl being eaten for breakfast. Made of chia seeds, almon...

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast burrito? Love & Lemons has a great recipe for one, featuring a lot of protein-rich foods, like eggs and avocados. (There’s also a vegan version, which has ingredients like black beans, spinach, and tofu scramble.)


If you’re more of a pancake person, and want a hassle-free recipe with just four ingredients, try Fit as a Mama Bear’s recipe for Dairy-Free Protein Pancakes. They’re low in carbs, but big on taste.

Natalia Danko / 500px/500Px Plus/Getty Images