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Hailey Bieber's Beauty Routine Includes This Simple Morning Staple

She swears by this feel-good product.

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Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to mean a complicated vitamin regime or hours at the gym. For Hailey Bieber, her beauty and wellness routine is about engaging in simple, everyday activities that bring joy. The 24-year-old model has spent the last year at home in L.A., where she hangs out with her Maltese Yorkie Oscar and husband Justin Bieber. Though she still found time to launch her own YouTube channel, star in Levi’s 501 campaign, and pose for covers like Elle and Vogue Brasil, in her off-time, Bieber’s idea of relaxation is as simple as a hot, relaxing bath, a pilates class, or a weekend morning face mask, she tells TZR as part of the Living Well With series.

“Something I like to do is essentially kill two birds with one stone when I’m masking. I’ll put on the face mask and then I’ll grab some eye masks,” she explained via YouTube. Adding that she recommends getting a significant other interested in a skincare routine too, “my husband loves to do masks, so that’s a win for me.”

And while having over 34 million Instagram followers may seem like a lot of pressure, Bieber doubles back on the concept of simplicity when outlining her idea of success. “What success really is for me is how I feel behind closed doors,” she said in her May Levi’s campaign. “[I define it by] if I’m genuinely happy, if my relationship is doing well, if my family is healthy, and if I’m a healthy person.” Below, Bieber shares more about her exercise routine, favorite healthy food (a surprisingly simple choice), and how she unwinds from stress.

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What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Brush my teeth.

When you have the chance to treat yourself, what do you do?

Take a long bath or get a massage.

What are you listening to these days?

Kali Uchis.

One thing you can’t live without is…


Where are you dreaming of traveling to? Why?

Morocco. It looks so beautiful there.

What’s your go-to secret weapon when you want to look and feel good?

I don’t do this every day but when I want a bit of an extra glow, I’ll put on a calming face mask when I’m getting ready in the morning.

Do you have a favorite workout/wellness practice?

Pilates and boxing for cardio. I love going makeup-free to let my skin rest.

What’s a healthy meal you always make/order?

I try to keep it as healthy as possible. I’m a big soup lover, I don’t know why I just always find myself craving a good soup.

What’s the small stress-saving luxury you swear by at home?

Take a bath!

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