Gucci Collaborates With ŌURA On A New Ring

A fashion + technology combo? Yes, please.

by Natalia Lusinski
Courtesy of Gucci
gucci x oura ring

Wearable health platforms make it easier than ever to track everything from your movement to your sleep. And, beginning May 26, Gucci collaborates with ŌURA on a new ring, combining fashion and technology — literally at your fingertips. Appearance-wise, the ring is enriched with the highly recognizable Gucci interlocking G in 18K yellow gold and has braided torchon detailing around the band. Tech-wise, the smart ring is equipped with ŌURA’s latest Generation 3 technology, crafted in black synthetic corundum and weighing just four grams (about the weight of a nickel).

Like ŌURA’s original ring, the Gucci edition includes research-grade sensors and components that track key body signals, including heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature, which can help reveal the effects of stress and illness. How does that work exactly? It measures your heart rate from the arteries in the fingers, which enables it to capture a much stronger signal than wrist-based wearables. And the sleep analysis functionality tracks your sleep quality based on how much time is spent in each sleep stage. So you can start to recognize your sleep patterns and perhaps alter them if you realize you’re not getting enough shut-eye. The best part? The ŌURA app will help guide you along the way, providing you with insights and guidance, almost like having your very own health coach. Yes, please.


The personalized health metrics are summarized for you daily into Sleep, Activity, and Readiness scores, which are displayed alongside insights and personalized guidance. The app then offers science-backed content on how you can optimize each day to make health a daily practice and live a more balanced life. Whether you want to work out more or sleep more, the app can help motivate you. And all you have to do is wear the Gucci x Oura ring. So simple.

If you want to see the ring in action, the ad campaign around the Gucci x ŌURA Ring — via photographic stills and a video — demonstrates, under the tagline “A journey of self-discovery.” It focuses on the ring’s highly personalized and responsive capabilities by showing a time-loop storyline. In it, the narrative follows a person’s fast-paced daily routine and shows how they can maximize their day with the ring and app’s guidance. According to the press release announcing the collaboration, with the ring, both brands hope to continue promoting greater well-being and self-realization among their communities. The Gucci x ŌURA Ring is available beginning May 26 at Gucci.com and in select stores worldwide. Additional information on the partnership can be found at ouraring.com/gucci.