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This Advent Calendar Is Perfect To Sip On

Tea is the new chocolate.

by Natalia Lusinski
December means that Advent season is here, and luckily there are all kinds of calendars out there to indulge any and all interests. Here are our favorite tea-filled options to sip on.We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.Shutterstock
If you’re looking for caffeine-free tea, Pukka Tea’s Advent Calendar is perfect. It features 24 different organic herbal tea blends, including robust flavors like lLemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey, Ginseng Matcha Green, and Wild Apple & Cinnamon.
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T2’s Sip the Future Advent Calendar is perfect for tea-lovers who are into affirmations and manifesting. Not only do you get to sample 24 fun teas — such as New York Breakfast and Packs a Peach — but each comes with a fun quote, too, like “Dreams are like cups of tea; you can have more than one.”
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English Tea Shop
Organic Tea Advent Calendar
English Tea Shop’s Advent Calendar features 25 delicious seasonal flavors, like White Wonderland, Happy Holiday, and Gingerbread Treat. Each one comes in their own little box. Sip after sip, it’s sure to please all the tea-lovers in your life.
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With this Advent Calendar from David’s Tea, you get two for the price of one, as there are two tea bags behind every drawer. You’ll get to try all kinds of flavors, from Brown Sugar Bourbon and Candy Cane Crush to S’mores Chai and Tinsel Toddy.
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No one knows their tea better than the English, right? If you’re looking for delicious teas in classic, cute packaging, Fortnum & Mason’s Tea-Filled Wooden Advent Calendar is it. And once you drink all the tea, the calendar makes for a great keepsake.
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This Advent Calendar by Tea Forte is so festive, it makes a great Christmas decoration, too. The 24 teas come in cute pyramid shapes and you’ll get eight black teas, four green teas, two white teas, and 10 herbal teas in flavors like Cherry Marzipan and Caramel Nougat, plus traditional flavors, too.
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Bird & Blend Tea Co.
Matcha Tea Advent Calendar
Matcha has many health benefits (i.e., caffeine without the jitters) and this fun Matcha Advent Calendar by Bird & Blend Tea Co. will introduce you to 24 different matcha flavors, like Cocoa and Gingerbread Chai! Each comes in a cute resealable tin, enough for two cups apiece.
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Palais des Thés
24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar
Palais des Thés’ 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar makes for a perfect gift and is made in France. It’ll make you feel like you’re in Paris as you sip on all kinds of flavors, both caffeinated and not, from Egyptian Night - Infusion du Louvre to Andalusian Garden.
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This Tea Lover’s Advent Calendar by Plum Deluxe may inspire you to watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as you sip on your tea-of-the-day. Each envelope contains loose tea and is a surprise when it comes to flavor. So if you (or a friend) likes surprises, this gift is perfect!
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