Bala Launches ‘Balacize,’ A Workout Platform That Brings The Brand To Life

Get ready to sweat.

by Natalia Lusinski
Courtesy of Bala
bala balacize workout

Bala, the brand behind the ever-popular Bala Bangles, keeps coming out with new products to help you reach your fitness goals. The latest? Bala’s newly launched “Balacize,” an immersive workout platform that brings Bala to life, so you don’t have to work out alone. “Unlike other virtual workout services, we wanted to create an experience that not only focused on the exercises itself, but also highlighted the set design, outfits, and music,” Natalie Holloway, co-creator of Bala, tells TZR in an email. “When viewers experience Balacize, they’ll get a deeper look into Bala as a whole and will have fun doing it.”

She says they also wanted to create something different compared to the typical hour-long sculpt class or 45-minute cardio burner. “Our short-form video modules are perfect for someone with an on-the-go lifestyle or someone who wants a little bit of everything, from sculpt to cardio to breathwork, and so on,” she explains. “With Balacize, you can really do as much, or as little, as you want — because it’s customizable to you.”

In addition to the modules, there will be frequent video drops. And within the library, you can curate your own workout playlist or choose a curated playlist. You just choose your workout category, duration, Bala product, and Balacizer (also known as instructor). You can Balacize in your home — or at a local park. (Anywhere really… well, within reason.) Plus, the launch of Balacize allows Bala to set its vision on becoming the first omni-channel fitness brand since they offer a wide array of products, along with digital streaming, a brick and mortar shop, and studio classes in-store at Bala NYC, located at 99 Spring Street.


How Does Balacize Work?

To use Balacize, you may be wondering if you need all the Bala products. In short, no. “The Balacize platform is great because users will be able to curate their video selection based on what Bala products they have at home,” Holloway says. “Whether they have just the Bangles, Jump Rope, or Hourglass Roller, they will be given the option to select videos that solely utilize those products. We also have videos that just utilize our Play Mat.”

And, as Holloway mentioned above, the nice part is, the modules are short. “Each Balacize video is under 10 minutes and typically range from seven to nine minutes,” she says. “If you’re someone with a busy schedule who can’t commit to an hour-long workout — but needs their daily dose of movement — then individual modules are the perfect fix. If you’re someone who’s looking to follow more of a warm-up, workout, cool-down method, you can piece together multiple modules for a longer-form workout.” So it seems like the best of both worlds. And the content comes in four Balacize categories, including Sweat, Sculpt, Flow, and Unwind. “Each category and module utilizes one Bala product per video, and you can find a variety of Balacizers offering modules across the categories,” says Holloway. The Balacizers — certified trainers — include Ridge Davis, Alexis Fischer, Aubre Winters, Marie Grujicic, Camai B, Danny Saltos, Grayson Gilbert, Jailyn Matthews and Renee Noa Harris.

Inspiration For Balacize

Holloway says inspiration for Balacize came from the Bala community. “We offer beautiful, functional fitness equipment, but we wanted to create something that not only demonstrated how these products could be used at home, but something our community could also engage with,” she says. “We really created this platform for them — and of course anyone else who wants to experience all things Bala.” Balacize is available at Balacize.com beginning May 13. And the best part? For the initial launch period, it will be a complimentary offering for the #BalaBabe community.