Alo Moves New Program Makes Cycle Syncing More Accessible

It takes holistic wellness to the next level.

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Courtesy of Alo Moves
Alo Moves Biohacking program

As the wellness industry continues to innovate around holistic wellness (particularly with women in mind), Alo Moves is the latest company to raise the bar with its latest offering. Launching September 1, the brand’s new SYNCD program taps into cycle syncing — the method of adjusting your daily routine to align with your menstrual cycle. As your sex hormones rise and fall throughout the month (along with energy levels, physical strength, and mood), Alo’s curated wellness content will cater to each phase, giving your body what it needs in terms of exercise, mindfulness, and self-care.

“A woman feels different during each phase — not just with what's happening in the body but also with how she feels,” Dr. Cheruba Prabakar, board-certified OBGYN and one of The Luna Daily collective of medical advisors. “SYNCD programming aligns the level and intensity of workouts to the different phases and by doing so, provides the appropriate level of movement without over-exerting the body."

In putting together this comprehensive cycle syncing guide, Alo enlisted the help of four of its top performing instructors, Pilates guru Bianca Melas, meditation expert Kirat Randhawa, yoga teacher Annie Moves, and physical therapist and HIIT pro Jade Morning. Each one contributes to the 24 fitness sessions and wellness courses broken down into four “phase” categories. For those unfamiliar with the various stages within a menstrual cycle, fear not. Alo’s SYNCD program offers a comprehensive introduction, talking users through each phase and the biohacking techniques needed to keep the body at its healthiest physically and mentally.

Courtesy of Alo Moves
  • Menstruation, in which classes follow a slower and gentler pace. Self-care in the form of lymphatic massage allow the body more rest as the uterus lining sheds.
  • Follicular, which features energetic exercise options like HIIT and Pilates as the body is able to recover faster during this period of growing follicles from the ovary. “Creative mindfulness” meditation is prioritized in this phase.
  • Ovulation allows for high-intensity workouts as the body is at its peak performance-wise after the egg has been released.
  • Luteal requires easier, slower movement as the body enters the restoration process, so low-impact yoga and self-care by way of detoxifying dry brushing are recommended.

Melas calls cycle syncing an “empowering” and “positive” tool that allows one to be more in tune with their body and its needs. “Understanding my cycle and the ebb and flow of my hormones allows me to work with my body rather than against it,” she says. “Cycle syncing has taught me how best to support my body through movement, diet, lifestyle choices. I love that through cycle syncing my hormones are more in harmony.”

The new SYNCD program will be available on Sept. 1 on the Alo Moves website or app. And for the month of September, the fitness label is offering a 30-day trial for new members, with regular pricing at $12.99/a month or $129/a year following the period. If you’re looking to up your health and fitness game this fall, this might be the perfect way to start.

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