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Trend Mix: How Lauren Caruso Is Shaking Up Three Must-Have Styles For Fall

by Kate Marin

After exploring these three staple trends for fall — menswear-inspired tailoring, all-over camel, and skirts paired with statement boots — it’s clear that, although they are quite specific, they offer plenty of room for interpretation. No matter your style, these simple outfit formulas can be reinvented and refreshed all season long.

For an alternative point of view, we asked our resident style expert (and The Zoe Report’s Managing Editor), Lauren Caruso, to show us how she plans on making these trends uniquely hers now that the weather’s cooled down. Powered by shoppremiumoutlets.com — a brand new way to shop designer pieces online at outlet prices — Caruso shows us three fresh ways to bring these must-have styles for fall to life.

The menswear trend might be intimidating at first (especially if you’re not used to structured tailoring), but achieving the look can be as simple as investing in a single piece, like the perfect oversized blazer. “I love an oversized blazer for fall,” Caruso says. “Not only is it such a versatile piece for cooler weather, but it’s easy to style. The right one can tie together any jeans-and-tee outfit, and looks even better when paired with a matching trouser.”

“I like to ditch the idea of sticking to silhouettes that are traditionally ‘flattering’ and instead wear whatever I feel confident in, and this combo definitely checks that box,” Caruso says. “But if you’re worried about overwhelming a smaller frame (for reference, I’m 5’2”), opt for a more fitted skirt with a side-slit so you can show some leg, or pair it with a more form-fitting top.” Better yet, add some height with a modern knee-high boot or one that hits just above the calf.

“Unlike blacks or whites, different shades of camel often look great together no matter how warm or cool they are,” Caruso explains. “Look for similar shades in different textures, like silk or wool, for a visually appealing look.”

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Photography: Tawni Bannister; Hair and Makeup: Laura Mitchell; Wardrobe Styling: Seppe Tirabassi; Art Direction: Diana Weisman/BDG; Branded Fashion Leads: Jenna Wexler/BDG, Kate Marin/BDG; Production: Kat Fry/BDG