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These Sparkly Accessories Perfectly Balance Chic and Festive

by Oona Kyung

Ten minutes into the holiday party and you’re already starting to second guess your look. Maybe you feel overdressed, maybe you feel underdressed, or maybe you played it safe when you should have gone all-in. Regardless, there’s a fine line between tasteful and over-the-top, and striking that perfect balance is all in the details.

Though they’re often a last-minute touch as we’re heading out the door, accessories really do make or break a look — and getting it right requires a little planning. From statement tights and glittering evening bags to bold sparkly jewelry and more, let the good times roll in confidence with our editor-approved picks. Get inspired and make the looks yours with — a brand new way to shop designer pieces online at outlet prices.

Pantyhose, stockings, nylons — whatever you might call them — emanate a distinct sense of savoir faire. If playfulness is your intention, consider a more alternative option like sheer metallic or rhinestone embellished fishnets paired with a slick black pump.

Earrings have the magical ability to make anything look intentional. If something isn’t working with your outfit, go back to the earrings. Bring attention to a stunning neckline with a pair of chandelier fringes or opt for something more subtle with high-shine studs.

If tights aren’t your thing, knock it out of the park with a glittering evening bag. You can never be mad about a bag that holds all your essentials and looks this good. Paired down with an oversized suit and simple leather mules, this bold look is playful and sophisticated.

If there’s ever a time to embrace head-to-toe glam, it’s during the holidays. Whether you’re looking for a statement shoe to liven up a simple little black dress or an option that incorporates the shimmer of your evening gown, a glittery mini boot is always a good idea.

Photography: Mary Fix; Makeup: Laura Mitchell; Wardrobe Styling: Seppe Tirabassi; Prop Stylist: Tim Ferro; Art Direction: BDG Studios; Branded Fashion Leads: Jenna Wexler/BDG, Kate Marin/BDG; Production: Kat Fry/BDG