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The Quann Sisters On How To Add A Touch Of Brilliance To Your Holiday Wardrobe

By Audrey Williams

From the dreamy ambiance to the chance to celebrate with loved ones, it’s hard to choose what we adore most about the holidays. One thing is for certain, though: Sparkle is high on the list. This time of year is the perfect time to wear holiday shimmer and to gift it, and no duo knows that better than New York-based style setters TK and Cipriana Quann.

Even though their personal aesthetics are different (TK says she wears more color and statement pieces while her sister usually opts for neutral hues or prints) their connection makes it easy for them to find the perfect dazzling gifts for each other. This year, they looked to Swarovski’s glamorous holiday collection to not only to find the right embellishments for their own holiday wardrobes, but also to find the perfect sparkling gifts for each other.

TK wears the Mayfly and Louison Collections. Cipriana wears the Mayfly Collection.

Cipriana is all about pairing her cozy winter wear with just the right jewelry for the holidays. “I adore soft knit sweaters and turtlenecks paired with denim,” she says, “or leather adorned with dainty jewelry or statement earrings.” As for her sister, she knows TK will love anything she gifts her “because it is from the heart!”

Cipriana wears pieces from the Mayfly and Louison Collections.

When it comes to TK’s holiday style, she's all about rich textures and high shine. “I have a special kinship with sequins and velvet,” she says, “whether it be a matching set, pants suit or a skirt or a dress. I love pairing these looks with either bold or subtle jewelry.” There is one thing both she and her sister can agree on, though, and that’s their love of frosted statement earrings.

TK wears the Louison Collection.

For both Quann sisters, the right statement jewelry makes the holidays special, but the impact lasts even longer. “You have certain pieces when it comes to fashion, whether it be jewelry or clothes, that have happy and beautiful memories attached,” TK says. “I definitely want to remember and cherish those moments throughout the year, and love that you can bring that element and those moments with you past the holiday season — while literally shining at the same time.”