The Living Art Series: How Bianca Valle Puts Her Creative Spin On Holiday Denim

Sponsored by AG JEANS

For many creatives, fashion acts as a tool for their personal canvases. The right pieces provide sartorial inspiration via high-quality styles, cuts, and color that inform their artistic work. As we enter the most spirited time of the year, The Zoe Report and AG Jeans tapped Bianca Valle (@vbiancav), an NYU-educated multi-medium artist and lifestyle content creator, to share her vision as she traveled to where she feels the most creatively energized. For Bianca, home is where the art is.

In her journey back to her childhood home on the West Coast, Bianca recalls moments from her youth where she leaned into painting to express herself. “My love for painting is something I have had since I can remember,” she says. “As a young girl, I would paint replicas of Degas paintings and buy artist biographies.” As a wellness advocate and budding Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Bianca’s artistic priorities have shifted: “Now, I paint to feel one with myself.”

Those creative works left a lasting impression on Bianca, the simplistic yet captivating nature of Impressionist art is reflected in her choice of clothing. Today, she gravitates toward earth tones and cool colors, curating pieces from the AG Jeans collection that are simple, elegant, and easily personalized. When it comes to curating a full ensemble that’s sure to leave a lasting impact, Bianca states, “[The Chels] turtleneck is really chic in my eyes, and I think the Etta wide leg pant to balance it out looks best on me.” To add a layer of sophistication, she dons the Keats Tailored Blazer for an elevated touch.

This year, Bianca is returning to where it all started to create new pieces of art and further building her looks at home for the upcoming holidays. “I carved out the month of November to be able to go back to my childhood home and paint a new series, inspired by the feelings I get when I am by the ocean, near the sun and around my family,” she notes.

As an artist whose career has spanned across various beauty, fashion, and health avenues, she shares that her strongest inspirations come from her own experiences. On where she finds the creative motivation, Bianca tells us that most of her inspiration "comes from journeying through life and collecting odds and ends in my mind, which later are translated into my work.” With a versatile, innovative brand like AG Jeans, it is clear that creativity knows no bounds this holiday season.