The L.A. Girl’s Guide To Holiday Party Dressing

By Elly Ayres

The holiday season presents the perfect excuse to work party dressing into your everyday wardrobe. Whether you’re catching up with friends over coffee, attending your best friend’s annual year-end bash, or even running last-minute errands, there is always room for more sparkle. For LA-based style expert Casey Potter Carlson Goode (aka, Quigley to her followers), this couldn’t be more true.

In partnership with Macy’s, Quigley showed us how to do holiday dressing like an L.A. fashion girl. “During the holidays,” she says, “I feel like I can really go wild when it comes to texture, color, and pattern mixing. Sequins and the color red are her two favorite trends right now, she says, adding that “The vibrancy of red really pops during colder months when nature lacks color and warmth.”

“Just because you have a lot to check off your list,” Quigley says, “doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while doing it.” She keeps her shopping looks comfortable and classic, mixing her jeans with a fun bold blouse.

“I love the combination of these glittery pants and subtle leopard pattern,” says Quigley. “Together they balance each other out and make a quirky cool look — perfect for meeting up with your friend.” Catching up with loved ones is always on top of Quigley’s list during the holidays.

“I’m obsessed with red and sequins this season, so this look is everything I need right now,” she says. “I love monochrome layering and the pop of sequins adds interest and glam.”