The Best Social Snaps From Chanel’s Spring 2016 Show

For those of us not fortunate to be front row at Chanel’s Paris show today, we’ve curated the next best thing: full-access imagery from those who were. Whether behind-the-scenes snaps from models, front-row imagery courtesy of the industry’s elite or portraits with Karl and his It-girl favorites, here is everything you need to see from the iconic brand’s epic show. Wheel’s up!


A view from inside the venue.


Time to upgrade our luggage.


Post-runway makeup look on the streets of Paris.


Cara Delevingne—who has been surprisingly absent this fashion month—embracing Karl Lagerfeld on the runway.


Going incognito, Chanel style.


With all of those layers they'd better have TSA Pre Check.


What to wear to Chanel? Chanel, obviously.


A pre-runway model polaroid.


Lily-Rose, the brand's eyewear muse, and Karl.


Functional footwear and backwards caps.


High-shine statement pieces have been popping up all over the place in Paris.


What to wear when traveling? Layers! Layers! Layers!


Trying to get a seat upgrade at the check-in desk.


"I understand, but sadly First Class is fully booked."