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The Best Long-Wear Foundation You May Have Heard Of And Definitely Need To Try

by Michelle Guerrere

Finding your dream foundation — the ideal shade, just the right amount of coverage, no caking — is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. The search may take a fair amount of trial and error with mismatches and not-quite-right fits, but once you unearth the winner, it all becomes worth it. Because, like that one pair of jeans, the right foundation doesn’t just complete a look: It provides a canvas for confidence.

Whether you’re searching for a new formula or are experimenting with base for the first time, there are plenty of factors to consider, like your skin type, your coloring, and the kind of coverage you’re going for. And there’s one foundation in particular, one you may have heard of but haven’t actually tried yet, that deserves a permanent position in your makeup collection. Enter Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear, a matte foundation with a rich, velvety texture; 45 buildable shades; and 24-hour lasting power, no touch-ups needed. It checks every box (and even earns extra credit), so in collaboration with Lancôme, we’re breaking down the formula and offering a Foundation 101 master class on how to find your perfect match.

the degree to which makeup conceals

Foundation coverage ranges from sheer to full — a subtle glow to full-on spot erasing. The thing is, if you’re looking to conceal, sheer coverage might be too light. And heavy coverage can lead to caking and flaking. In order to meet all these demands, the scientists at Lancôme created Teint Idole Ultra Wear to be buildable. You can buff out a fine layer with a stippling brush, blend on fuller coverage with a traditional foundation brush, or gradually build as needed with a makeup sponge so that whatever your skin of the moment is, you’re covered.

the color in a range

Foundation is definitely not one size fits all. Realizing that, Lancôme set out to create Teint Idole Ultra Wear, purposefully made for women who never found their perfect match (or for those whose shade had never been formulated to begin with). Eight years of scientific research led to the crucial discovery of the ultramarine blue pigment, which creates deep shades that are true to tone and don’t oxidize or turn red. The full collection spans 45 shades that take both your surface color and undertones into consideration. As if that weren’t enough, you can even try samples of two Teint Idole Ultra Wear shades at a time in order to find the perfect color match.

the overall appearance of foundation

The dream scenario is you apply your foundation in the morning, and it stays put all day long — 24-hours long if your schedule calls for it. This dream becomes nearly impossible if you use a formula with a dewy finish, when can exacerbate the shine from oily skin and require frequent touch-ups. Super matte finishes address the shine and touch-up issues, but they can also look and feel dry. That’s why Teint Idole Ultra Wear relies on a natural matte effect to keep your complexion fresh, healthy-looking, and shine-free.

the underlying tint of skin that affects overall coloring

You know the phrase “skin deep?” Well, your skin does in fact run deep, and your coloring is not exactly the same all the way through. That’s why in order to find an ideal color match, you also need to consider the undertone that peeks through. To break it down: Cool (C) means you have pink, red, or blue undertones; neutral (N) is a balance of warm and cool tones; and warm (W) indicates yellow, golden, or peach undertones. If you’re not sure what your Teint Idole Ultra Wear undertone is, you can do a simple test by checking the veins on the inside of your wrist. Blue/purple veins usually indicate cool undertones. Green veins suggest warm undertones. And a mix of all three points to neutral undertones.

the elements making up a formula

This is what really sets foundations apart. The ingredients in Teint Idole Ultra Wear, specifically, ensure an impressive, long-lasting wear. The formula contains silica and perlite — natural minerals found from sources like volcanic rock, clay, granite, and sandstone — to keep excess oil at bay without dulling skin. The oil-free formula is also made with advanced NAI pigments that maintain skin’s pH, so the foundation lasts for 24 hours without fading, caking, or creasing.

how a foundation feels to the touch

Liquids, solids, powders — one of the key features of a foundation is its texture, how it feels when you spread it onto your skin. Which you choose depends a lot on your personal preference, but it is worth noting that liquid formulas (like Teint Idole Ultra Wear) work with the widest range of application techniques. You can use various brushes (stippling, rounded, kabuki), a sponge, or your fingertips to create effects that are blurred, sheer, natural, rich, you name it.

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