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The Beauty Pro’s Guide To Stocking Your Pantry

By Michelle Guerrere

Images of tidy shelves stocked with luxe skin care, makeup brushes arranged in empty candle jars, the requisite jade roller — there’s something appealing about peeking behind the medicine cabinet doors of the stylish and influential. Their tools and products are clues to being just as glamorous, just as dewy. But the real holy-grail essentials that beauty pros swear by are hidden elsewhere… in kitchen pantry.

Nourishing your body with powerful nutrients is the foundational step to a complete beauty routine. And that’s exactly why industry guru Bobbi Brown just launched her new line of beauty supplements at Walmart this month. (Called Evolution_18, the line’s ingestibles are ideal for on the go and have ingredient lists that are actually decipherable.) In honor of Brown’s new products and in partnership with Walmart, here are the top items you should keep stocked in your pantry at all times to stay radiant from the inside out.

01 | Superfood Supplement

Think of this as a multivitamin but better. The powder is packed with more than 30 fruits and vegetables, collagen peptides, and prebiotics to maintain your microbiome. Simply add a scoop to water to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. The berry flavor is great on its own or mixed into a smoothie.

02 | Olive Oil

The healthy fats and antioxidant properties in olive oil make it a beauty must-have both in cooking and self-caring. As the ultimate hair mask, work a generous amount from root to tip, let sit for at least 10 minutes, then wash and condition normally. You'll be amazed by how nourished your hair will feel.

03 | Detox Tea

For those days when you’re looking to detox (and debloat), reach for a curative tea. This one is infused with dandelion, hydrangea root, and juniper berry to flush out excess water. And the antioxidant blend of green tea, matcha, and ashwagandha provide a subtle boost of energy.

04 | Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (aka ACV) is an industry MVP thanks to its malic acid, which has natural antiseptic properties. It’s used in juices and tonics to boost immunity, as a star ingredient in DIY facial toners (just be sure to dilute it first), and as a clarifying scalp and hair treatment. Beauty pros have also been known to use ACV to clean their makeup brushes in a pinch.

05 | Collagen Tablets & Shots

Collagen is what helps firm and lift skin, and now thanks to Evolution_18, you can get it two new forms. Effervescent tablets bubble into any beverage, and mini liquid shots are easily portable — no chaser necessary.

06 | Coffee

In addition to providing energy (its primary appeal), caffeine also happens to pack an antioxidant punch. And used in products like body scrubs, it helps buff away dull, dry skin and boost circulation for a healthy glow.

07 | Probiotics

Probiotics tend to come in capsule form and can be a bit… slimy. Brown and her team created a lemony Pixy-Stix-like version (packed with 10 billion live cultures from eight strains) that dissolves on your tongue. Who said daily beauty supplements can’t be a bit of fun?

This post is sponsored by Walmart.