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Stylish Holiday Gifts For Friends & Family That Are Anything But Ordinary

By Isabella Biedenharn

Gifting season is upon us, which means you finally have a legitimate reason to use one of your favorite pastimes (shopping) for good. This year, we’re challenging you to go further than gifting the most on-trend finds. Why not combine style and sentiment?

Now, you’re not just getting your work wife a chic scarf— it also represents the way she always sticks her neck out for you in high-stress meetings. You might get your brother an impossibly soft hoodie, but you’re also thanking him for fixing your WiFi by helping him dress like the tech CEO your entire family thinks he is. We're partnering with Gap to show that when there’s a story behind the gift, the whole process becomes even more special. Get some inspiration below.

1. A classic black turtleneck is as versatile as it is timeless — just like your friendship.

2. These Best Friend necklaces give us major nostalgia. But in 14-karat gold and diamonds, they’ve come a long way from the ones we wore on the playground.

3. She helps you keep your cool at work, so help keep her warm with an ultra-soft plaid scarf.

1. Your family treats your brother like a tech CEO already, and now he can dress like one.

2. With these gloves, your tech savvy little sister won’t have to stop her TikTok scrolling (except for when you interrupt to ask her how it all… works).

3. Your cousin can carry her tablet, lunch, and yoga clothes to and from her start-up job with this cowhide backpack.

1. Nothing will fool her into thinking “Winter’s not so bad…” like a cozy on-trend teddy coat (in a size that fits you both).

2. Sisterhood means sharing genes and jeans, right? This classic cigarette silhouette pairs well with pretty much everything.

3. These Bluetooth headphones have a vintage look with ultra-modern capabilities, like 30 hours of playtime on a single charge.

1. These ribbed gloves are long enough to wear with her vintage 3/4-sleeve coat — and they have tech touch patches, so she can fire off inspirational messages even when it’s chilly.

2. Put a tangerine twist on her signature red lip with this long-lasting liquid matte lipstick.

3. Her positivity makes it seem like the world is full of rainbows when you need it the most. Bring those feelings to life with this colorful striped beanie.