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Style Revolution: This Power Couple Is Redefining The New American Classics

by Kate Marin

Few things in life are truly timeless, and a similar sentiment holds true in the world of fashion. Most modern trends come to fruition, adhere momentarily, and expire with ease, leaving us on a never-ending lookout for the next best thing. But not all fashion has quite that short of a lifespan — high-quality knitwear, precise suiting, and classic outerwear are as near-immortal as it gets — and most of these enduring styles fit seamlessly into a modern wardrobe.

One of the most well-versed brands in American tailoring, Brooks Brothers is a foolproof resource for quality wardrobe staples. And now, under the guidance of Zac Posen, their womenswear collection has never felt more fresh and relevant. To bring to life a few timeless looks for the winter season, we teamed up with Brooks Brothers and style-icons Jenny and Freddie Cipoletti for a lesson in the new American classics. Their polished sense of style with a penchant for impeccable tailoring proves that, with the right styling and fit, American classics are a match for even the most creative and fashion-focused minds. From the gifts they can’t wait to give this holiday season to the winter-ready looks they’ll reach for year after year, the Cipolettis prove that reimagining the past truly is the most stylish way forward.

Jenny's Holiday Wishlist

“Freddie and I met when we were both living in Los Angeles ten years ago. It happened the most old fashioned way you can imagine; he approached me completely at random because he said I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and needed to know who I was. It was love at first sight!”

Ten years later, Jenny and Freddie’s style fit hand in hand. “Freddie’s always had an eye for style,” Jenny says. “I’ve never had anything to do with that and I’ve always respected his sartorial decisions.” Eclectic and polished, Jenny’s style exudes a sense of effortless, understated luxury. She opts for classic silhouettes in rich textures, like structured pantsuits in a speckled wool blend, thick knit sweaters, and intricately embossed leather bags.

During the holidays, Brooks Brothers is Jenny's first stop for gifting. “I know I can always find something I will love from Brooks Brothers. Their distinctive designs embody all the elements of style I value: luxurious fabrics, traditional tailoring, and elegance.” Her go-to holiday gifts are wardrobe staples with a luxurious edge, like a supple pair of leather gloves for her accessory-loving mom or a luxe wool-cashmere sweater for Freddie. “These important details are what make each gift special and something that my family will cherish and use for years to come.”

Freddie's Holiday Wishlist

“The holidays are a time to slow down and relax so we can spend quality time together with family and friends. Jenny's family is on the West Coast and mine is on the East, so every year we travel to both coasts and celebrate the holidays twice.”

Freddie’s personal style is rooted in comfort — especially during the holidays — so livability definitely plays a role in his sartorial decisions. “I've worn Brooks Brothers since I was young and love the quality and luxury of the brand,” Freddie says. “They’re pieces you will have for a long time and can live in.” And although comfort is key, it goes without saying that dressing with sophistication is equally important. “Jenny always looks put together and polished,” he explains, “so it puts the pressure on me to keep up and look good.”

“A memorable gift is something that someone wants but doesn’t necessarily hint at wanting,” Freddie explains. “Something they will cherish but may not buy themselves.” This holiday season, Freddie is shopping for practical gifts his family and loved ones will reach for day after day, like a sleek hooded parka for his dad and an embellished leather tote for Jenny.

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Photographer: Ricado Baes

Creative Director: Bry Crasch

Associate Director, Fashion: Jenna Wexler

Set Design: Lauren Bahr

Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi

Makeup: Tiffany Patton

Videography: Marshall Stief

Director, Production: Lucy Haller

Tailor: Luis Cascante