Super Chic Home Upgrades Under $35 That Make Your House Look So Much Better

It’s hard to believe these luxurious home goods are so cheap.

Written by Yasmine Singh
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If you’ve been looking around your house lately and it feels a bit outdated, unstylish, or uninspiring, don’t worry — it’s easy to find impactful home upgrades that are still so cheap. Most of these incredible Amazon finds won’t require much effort, and everything on this list is under $35. I’ve found products that are designed to refresh old furniture, declutter junk drawers, and elevate areas around your home instantly. Your home will look chic and updated — as if an interior designer curated a shopping list just for you.


These Mid Century Walnut Hooks That Support Up To 25 Pound Each

These wall-mounted hooks will add a touch of sophistication to your entryway and keep your coats, bags, and other items elevated and accessible. They’re easy to install and sturdy, since they’re made of walnut wood that can support up to 25 pounds each. Shoppers are thrilled that they look great, are well-made, and versatile — they can also be used to hold towels in your bathroom.


A Battery-Operated Picture Light That Will Make Your Home Look Like A Museum

Use this gold-toned picture light to highlight photographs and artwork — it will make your pieces look like they’re in a museum. It’s battery-operated, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly cords or installing it near an outlet. Simply mount it over the item you want to draw attention to and use the switch or remote control to adjust the settings. It has three light colors: warm white, nature white, and cool white as well as two brightness levels and a timer function. Plus, the head can rotate 180 degrees so you can get the perfect angle.


These Sturdy Bookends That Look Like Expensive Bronze Statues

Knickknacks are a great way to add some personality and style to just about anywhere in your home, like these unique bookends. They can be placed on a bookshelf, coffee table, nightstand, and more to keep a stack of books in place. They look like they’re bronze statues but they’re actually made of durable resin. Oh, and the bottoms are slip-resistant, so these pieces won’t scratch or damage your furniture.


A Set Of Silky Smooth Satin Pillowcases With 226,000 5-Star Ratings

These satin pillowcases will instantly make your bedroom look more elegant with their subtle sheen. Not only are they gorgeous and stylish, their smooth texture reduces friction which can prevent frizz, breakage, and moisture loss for your hair. They come in over three dozen different colors and have an envelope closure for a seamless appearance. With over 226,000 five-star ratings, I think it’s safe to say that shoppers back up the hype.


These Minimalist Glass Dispenser Bottles With Gold-Accented Pourers

Use these glass dispenser bottles for oil and vinegar, syrups, salad dressings, and more to elevate your kitchen. They feature stainless steel gold-accented spouts that dispense liquids without spilling or leaking for mess-free countertops. They automatically open when you tilt the bottles upside-down and close when they’re upright. Plus, they include 38 minimalistic, waterproof, and stain-resistant labels that don’t leave behind residue when they’re removed.


A Set Of Turkish Cotton Hand Towels That Come In Over 30 Colors

These luxurious hand towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton. They have a neutral yet elevated design that will look great in your kitchen or bathroom, but they’re also functional. They’re super absorbent, soft yet durable, hypoallergenic, and gentle on skin. They’re also larger than similar products, so they provide more surface area to dry your hands. Plus, shoppers confirm that they wash well and are great quality. They’re available in a dozens of colors so you can find the perfect set to match your aesthetic.


These Dimmable Plug-In Night-Lights With Dusk-To-Dawn Sensors

These stylish plug-in night-lights will provide lightning in dim or dark areas around your home without the need to turn on actual lights that can disturb others or affect your sleep. They feature an easy-to-use slide switch to adjust the brightness levels and they have sensors so they’ll automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.


A Set Of Luxe Metallic Wine Glasses That Are Unbreakable

These stunning wine glasses will take your next gathering to the next level. They’re made of gold-toned stainless steel, so they’re durable and won’t break like glass. They also feature a wide base to prevent them from tipping over, making them perfect for outdoors. They can hold up to 18 ounces of liquid each and keep drinks colder for longer. If gold clashes with your decor, they’re also available in rose gold, silver, and black.


This Best-Selling Tray With Vintage-Inspired Gold Accents & Bows

This best-selling vintage-inspired decorative tray will look luxurious on your dresser, vanity, or entryway table. It’s a great way to store your jewelry, skincare, keys, or more, and keep your belongings contained. It looks like it’s made of ceramic but it’s actually made of durable resin that won’t break. It features gold accented bows and a gold trim that adds a touch of elegance to elevate any space.


These Highly Rated Bamboo Organizers To Transform Cluttered Drawers

Transform your junk drawer into an organized masterpiece with these bamboo organizers. This set comes with five bins in various sizes that you can configure in different ways to suit your needs. They’re water-resistant and finished with a sealant that protects them from spills. Not only can they be used to organizer drawers in your kitchen or bathroom, they can also be used to organize your pantry, cabinets, and countertops. Oh, and they have a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


This Geometric Wine Rack That Can Hold 5 Bottles

Display your favorite bottles of wine with this stylish wine rack that will look great on your counter. It’s made of wrought iron with a powder coated finish that’s resistant to rust and fading. It has five slots to hold your drinks, and since bottles can be stored vertically, it also saves space. It features anti-slip silicone feet so it won’t slide or damage furniture. Plus, customers reported that it’s easy to assemble and sturdy.


A Modern Glass Wall-Mounted Shelf With A Hand Towel Bar

Add this wall-mounted shelf to your bathroom to provide extra storage space for your skincare and to declutter your counter. It looks clean and modern because it features extra-thick tempered glass and polished metal. It’s rust-proof, sturdy, and can support up to 20 pounds. It’s designed with a rail to prevent items from falling down and a bar to hold towels.


A Pack Of Wireless LED Lights That Are Easy To Install

These LED lights are easy to install with the included the adhesive tape or screws. And, since they’re battery-operated, you can place them just about anywhere like under your cabinets, in your closet, or near dark stairwells without having to worry about an outlet or cords. You can even turn them on and off, adjust the brightness, or set timers with a remote control.


A Discreet Toilet Paper Basket That Can Hold 12 Rolls

Keep extra toilet paper nearby in this discreet basket that can hold up to 12 rolls. You’ll be able to grab a roll when you need it without having to keep packages out in your bathroom, which can be such an eyesore. This basket is stylish and a great way to tuck away clutter or items you want to keep hidden. It’s slim and designed with a sturdy bamboo frame, lid, and a fabric basket that’s foldable for easy storage. By the way, it’s sturdy, waterproof, and lightweight.


A 50-Pack Of Nonslip Velvet Hangers With A 4.8-Star Rating

Toss flimsy wire hangers to the side for these heavy-duty velvet hangers instead. They’re durable and nonslip, so your clothes will stay put and wrinkle-free. Plus, they create a uniformed look in your closet. They’re designed with 360-degree rotating hooks and shoulder notches to keep clothing with straps in place. They feature curved shoulder lines to preserve the shape of clothing, too. They can hold up to 10 pounds each.


A Set Of Geometric Hanging Planters With Resin Containers

Place these wall-mounted planters in your home to create a unique wall garden. You can place faux plants or small indoor plants like succulents and air plants in them. The vases are made with durable, molded resin and the frames are made of plated metal that makes them look chic and way more expensive that they actually are. They can also be used to store stationery, beauty products, or other small items. Oh, and they have over 12,000 five-star ratings.


These Space-Saving Transparent Fridge Bins With Handles

These bins will help you sort, organize, and declutter your fridge like never before. You can separate produce, fruits, condiments, and more so you can easily find what you need without having to rummage through your fridge. Since they’re transparent, you can see your items more clearly without having to move them. They’re made of durable, shatterproof plastic so they’ll last a long time. They can also be used to organize your pantry, cabinets, and more.


This Chic Hanging Mirror With A Gold-Toned Frame & Chain

Make any space in your home look more expansive and brighter by adding this circle mirror to a wall. It’s designed with a metal, gold-toned frame and a chain so you can hang it just about anywhere. It’s made of high refractive index glass and features a velvet backing so it won’t damage your wall. Reviewers noted that it’s lightweight, sturdy, and easy to install.


This Highly Rated Acacia Wood Cutting Board With An Easy-Grip Handle

This stylish cutting board is made of durable acacia wood that, according to the brand, lasts longer than plastic, bamboo, walnut, or other materials that are used to make traditional cutting boards. It has a built-in handle that’s easy to grip so it’s easy to move it around. It can double as a serving board, too. It comes pre-oiled and ready to use and it’s gentle on knives. With a hosts of great features, it’s no wonder it has garnered a near-perfect rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon.


This Stylish Kitchen Sink Organizer With A Faux Marble Finish

Keep the area around your kitchen sink organized with this caddy that’s designed with a pump soap dispenser and two storage trays. The trays are perfect to hold sponges or brushes, so that everything stays neatly organized without creating a soapy mess. It has drain holes at the bottom of the trays to keep items dry. It’s made of durable resin but has the luxurious look of marble, which means it’s resistant to corrosion.


This Sturdy Bamboo Plant Stand That’s Adjustable

Place your potted plant on this stand for a chic way to display it that creates dimension and adds some style to your home without much effort. It’s made of sturdy bamboo that can support up to 150 pounds. You can extend the legs from 8 to 12 inches to accommodate various pots. You can also flip it for a shorter or longer stand, adding to its versatility.


A 4-Piece Bathroom Hardware Set With A Modern Matte Black Finish

This four-piece bathroom hardware set includes a towel bar, a hand towel ring, a hook, and a toilet paper roll holder in a matching matte black finish for a uniformed look. All the pieces are made of heavy-duty electroplated zinc alloy metal that’s resistant to corrosion. Plus, it includes everything you’ll need to install so you can have a modern bathroom quickly.


This Waffle Weave Throw Blanket That Stays Cool & Wicks Away Moisture

Add this textured throw on your bed or couch to create dimension. It features a waffle weave design that’s stylish and three-dimensional. It’s made of a blend of cotton and rayon that’s derived from bamboo, so it’s breathable and it naturally stays cool — perfect for hot sleepers or warmer weather. Better yet, it absorbs moisture so you can stay comfortable and dry. It has over 11,000 five-star ratings, and shoppers are thrilled that it’s soft, lightweight, and high quality.


This Hanging Honeycomb Earring Holder That Holds 65 Pairs

Keep your earrings organized and prevent them from getting tangled or lost with this unique hanging earring holder with a honeycomb design. It has 130 holes, which means it can hold at least 65 pairs of earrings. It can accommodate various kinds of earrings like studs, hoops, and more. It can even be used for necklaces. It’s made of gorgeous beech wood and includes an attached string so it’s easy to hang just about anywhere.


A Minimalist Butter Crock That Keeps Butter Soft & Fresh On The Counter

Trying to spread cold butter on toast is frustrating, and with this butter crock, it will be a thing of the past. All you have to do is fill the base with cold water to the water line, fill the crock with soft butter, and leave it on your countertop. The water will create a natural seal that will keep butter soft yet fresh. It can keep unsalted butter fresh for up to 10 days and salted butter fresh for up to 30 days, so you can have have soft butter on demand when you need it.


This Metal Blanket Ladder With Nonslip Feet

Use this blanket ladder to store and display quilts, blankets, and throws. Not only is it an easy way to reduce clutter and to store bulky blankets, it also looks really stylish. It’s made of metal with a rust-resistant finish and features two nonslip feet so it will stay put and it won’t ruin your floors — even if you use it in the bathroom for towels. Plus, there’s no complicated installation process, just lean it against a wall.


A Popular Peel-&-Stick Marble Wallpaper To Refresh Walls & Furniture

Apply this marble wallpaper to walls, countertops, desks, shelves and more to make surfaces and furniture look updated and more luxurious without much effort. All you have to do is peel-and-stick it onto surfaces. It features a measure-and-cut grid on the backing so it’s easy to cut the exact amount you need. Plus, the edges are designed so you can use multiple rolls without mismatching the pattern. And, shoppers confirm that it’s easy to install and easy to remove.


A Set Of Elevated Grooved Absorbent Stones That Dry In Minutes

Place these elevated stones around your bathroom or kitchen sink to keep surfaces dry and tidy. You can store items like soap dispensers, toothbrushes, and sponges on them. These stones are made of natural diatomite that’s super absorbent; it’ll absorb moisture within seconds and dry completely within five minutes. They’re designed with round corners and silicone foot pads so they won’t scratch or damage surfaces.


A Set Of Serving Utensils That Are Made Of Stylish Olive Wood

This five-piece set of serving utensils include a flat spatula, a curved spatula, a slotted spatula, a spoon, and a spoon with a corner edge. They’re 12 inches long and made of olive wood and natural oils. They’re practical and stylish, so they’ll be a hit at your next gathering. One shopper said they’re “beautifully crafted.”


These Versatile Glass Dispensers With A Ceramic Tray & Cups

These versatile and stylish glass dispensers can be used for soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, mouthwash and more. And, since they’re made with food-grade materials, they can also be used for coffee syrups. They include gold-toned pumps, two glass cups, a collapsible funnel, 12 pre-written labels and two blank for extra organization, and a ceramic tray to keep the bottles organized and your counters mess-free.


An Outlet Cover With A Built-In Adjustable Night-Light

This outlet cover features a built-in LED night-light at the bottom. It allows you to adjust the brightness and it has a sensor that automatically turns on when it’s dark. Plus, it’s easy to install without wires, brackets, or batteries due to its patented prong design that allows it to snap in place. It’s sleek and blends in, unlike plug-in night-lights.


This Aesthetic 2-Tier Makeup Organizer That Rotates 360 Degrees

Use this makeup organizer to wrangle products on your bathroom counter or vanity to reduce clutter for a clean, organized aesthetic. It features two tiers so you can utilize vertical space and gold steel handles so it’s easy to carry it if you need to take it to another room. It has raised edges to prevent your items from falling and it fully rotates, giving you easy access to your things.


This Highly Rated Woven Rope Basket With Handles

This woven rope basket is perfect for blankets, pillows, towels, toys, or other items that can make your space look unorganized or cluttered. It features an on-trend color-block design and durable, double stitched handles so it’s easy to move it around. It’s made of a blend of cotton and polyester that’s sturdy and thick, so it will stand on its own instead of drooping.


This Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Tray With A Removable Book Stand

Take a bath while keeping everything you’ll need within reach for a relaxing experience with this water-resistant bamboo bathtub tray. It’s expandable from 29.5 to 43 inches so it can be adjusted to fit over various tubs. Unlike a lot of trays, this one keeps things simple with its smooth surface, so you can place your candles, wine glass, and snacks wherever you’d like. It does have a removable book or tablet stand, so you can enjoy the entertainment of your choice hands-free.


A Set Of Party-Ready Stemless Martini Glasses With Wide, Colorful Bases

These unique 8-ounce martini glasses are designed without stems and instead they have stable, wide bases so that they won’t tip over easily. The bases are different colors, which makes it easy for guests to identify their drinks. They’re made of lead-free crystal, and they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


This 5-Piece Rustproof Shower Caddy Set That’s Easy To Install

I purchased this caddy set because I needed to get my shower organized, and I’m happy to report that it got the job done. I can confirm that this set is stylish, durable, and due to the included adhesives, it’s also really easy to install. In fact, the adhesives are strong and can support up to 40 pounds each. This set includes two soap holders, two baskets, a toothbrush holder, and five adhesive strips. The soap holders and baskets are designed with built-in hooks so you can hang items. Plus, it’s made of waterproof stainless steel that won’t rust.


A Stylish Walnut Record Holder That Can Store Up To 50 Vinyls

Organize and display your records with this vinyl holder. It has mid-century modern style that’s so sleek — in fact, your friends will find it hard to believe that it isn’t a vintage find. It features a walnut wood base with notches and includes two acrylic ends to keep up to 50 albums in place. Shoppers reported that it’s easy to assemble and holds records securely.


A Versatile Glass Carafe With A Cup That Doubles As A Cover

This carafe is perfect for your nightstand so you can get a sip of water while you’re in bed without having to get up. It can also be used for mouthwash, juice, cocktails, and more. — it’s super versatile. It includes a cup that also doubles as a cover to protect your drink from dust. It’s made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass that can withstand temperatures up to 304 degrees, making it safe for hot drinks too.


These Coordinating Mirrors With Elegant Metallic Frames

Whether you want to add some easy decor to your entryway, bedroom, or living room, this set of mirrors will absolutely do the trick. Not only are they practical for applying makeup and making your room appear larger, they also have a chic style with their sunburst and flower frames with an expensive-looking finish. If gold isn’t your color, they come in eight other choices like black, red, and silver.


A Natural Dried Pampas Grass Bouquet That Lasts Up To 3 Years

Adding a touch of nature to your home can transform any space. However, if you don’t have a green thumb or you don’t want to deal with maintenance, this dried pampas grass bouquet is a great option. Not only is it stunning, it’s also easy to care for and can last up to three years, unlike fresh flowers. All you have to do is leave it in the sun for three to six hours, fluff it and arrange it to your liking, then spray the bouquet with hairspray to preserve it.


This 3-Tier Fruit Basket With A Handle With 5,000 5-Star Ratings

Keep your kitchen counter tidy with this tiered fruit basket. It’s designed with three baskets in different sizes, so= it utilizes vertical space. it’s ideal for fruits, potatoes, and other produce. It can also be used to organize beauty products in your bathroom or office supplies. Plus, it features a handle at the top so it’s easy to carry.


This Popular Nonslip Bathtub Mat With A Loofah-Like Texture

This bathtub mat has over 10,000 five-star ratings because it’s truly nonslip. Unlike other mats that are designed with suction cups that can slide, this mat features a lattice pattern on the bottom that holds it securely in place. It’s made of a soft loofah-like material that’s textured, thick, and comfortable for bare feet — it even gently massages and exfoliates your skin. It has drain holes that allow water to flow through so that it doesn’t block your drain and it dries quickly to prevent mildew.


These Adhesive Vanity Lights With 10 Brightness Levels & 3 Color Modes

Place these LED lights on any mirror to turn it into a stylish vanity mirror like the ones in fancy dressing rooms. They’re easy to apply — just peel and stick them directly onto a mirror. You can easily adjust the distance between each bulb by stretching or retracting the cord. They have 10 brightness levels and three color modes. Plus, the USB port on the power cord can double as a charger for your phone.


These Modern Ceramic Vases In 3 Sizes & Bold Colors

These ceramic, textured vases will add a pop of color to your coffee table or counter. They come in a set of three in tiered sizes and different colors that create dimension and contrast in an otherwise boring area. They’re great for faux or real flowers, but also look like art pieces all on their own.


This Stylish Metal Side Table With 3 Legs & A Deep Edge

Add this stunning side table next to your couch, bed, or to any corner of your home that can use some personality and storage. It features a white top, three gold legs, and a gold edge, though it comes in about eight other colorways. The edge is deep so it will prevent items from rolling off of the tabletop. It’s perfect for knickknacks, books, plants, mugs, and more. Plus, it has padded feet to protect your floors from damage.


This Long-Lasting Scented Candle In A Decorative Glass Jar You Can Reuse

This scented candle has notes of sweet orange, cherry blossom, apricot, rose, plum, and sandalwood. It’s made of soy wax and features a lead-free cotton wick, and it can burn for up to 40 hours. It comes in a decorative glass jar with a lid that has an engraved daisy pattern all over that makes a statement, and once the candle’s done, you can reuse the jar — it looks great in a bathroom.


A Set Of 3 Foldable Cloth Storage Bins With Durable Handles

These storage bins are easy to assemble and fold away compactly when they’re not in use. They’re great for clothing, household supplies, and more so you can organize your closets or have additional storage space for items that don’t have a designated place. They can also be used to tuck away clutter on shelves or under your bed. They have durable handles so they’re easy to slide out, and they’re stackable.


This Bold Hammered Metal Bowl That’s Rust-Resistant

Place this versatile metal bowl on your counter for a stylish way to display fruits, veggies, and snacks. It would also make a great serving bowl or a drop dish so you’ll have a spot to place your keys, wallet, jewelry, and other accessories. It features a hammered textured design throughout, a gold copper interior, and a black exterior. And, it’s rust-resistant.


This Easy-To-Apply Wallpaper With A Gold Hexagon Pattern Design

Create a statement wall with this peel-and-stick wallpaper. It features a stylish gold hexagon pattern that will transform a boring space without much effort. It can also be applied on furniture or used as a liner for shelves or drawers. It’s waterproof and easy to clean — just wipe with a damp cloth. Plus, it’s easy to remove and won’t leave residue behind.


A Textured Bathroom Accessories Set That’s Humidity-Resistant

This five-piece bathroom accessories set includes a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder with two sections, a toilet brush with a holder, a cup, and a soap dish. Each piece features a unique, textured geometric design with a matte finish throughout to give your bathroom a uniform look. The whole set is made with durable polyresin that can withstand the humid conditions in your bathroom.


This Elegant Candle Warmer That Looks Like A Vintage Lamp

This chic candle warmer is designed to look like a lamp. It features a wooden base to place candles on and a textured, transparent shade that encases a bulb to warm wax. It’s a safer alternative to lighting candles since there’s no need for an open flame. You can adjust the height of the lamp and the brightness levels. You can also use the timer function so it will automatically shut off after two, four, or eight hours. It can also double as a night-light.


A Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder That Sticks Under Your Cabinet

Clear up space on your counter with this paper towel holder that’s designed to install right under your cabinet. It’s easy to install with the included peel-and-stick adhesives. It’s made of durable stainless steel that’s waterproof and resistant to rusting. It has over 19,000 five-star ratings, and shoppers noted that it reduces clutter.


This Bluetooth Speaker That Looks Like A Retro Radio

This portable Bluetooth speaker is designed to look like a retro radio, but don’t worry, it works like a modern speaker. It can connect to Bluetooth compatible devices and maintain a strong connection up to 32.8 feet away. It also can last for up to six hours on a single charge. It features a vintage-inspired dial so you can adjust the volume and a handle so it’s easy to carry or hang. Oh, and don’t let its small size fool you — shoppers reported that the sound quality is impressive.


This Lattice Bamboo Bath Mat With Rubber Pads

Add an element of nature to your bathroom with this lattice bamboo bath mat. It’s designed without screws, nails, or sharp edges. Instead, it has rubber pads on the back to prevent it from sliding or damaging your floor. It has a decorative rippled texture that’s chic and modern. You can use it on its own or place a rug on top of it to encourage airflow to keep your rug dry and odor-free.


An Expensive-Looking Tabletop Fire Pit That Comes With Roasting Sticks

Create a cozy environment indoors or outdoors with this tabletop fire pit. It’s made of concrete and features a stylish base with a marble effect that makes this look so much more expensive than its price tag. It can provide up to one hour of burn time and includes an extinguisher so you can quickly put out flames. Bonus: your order includes two bamboo plates and four roasting sticks so you’ll have everything you’ll need to make s’mores.


A Set Of Battery-Operated Sconce Lights That Rotate 180 Degrees

These sconce lights are easy to install with the included mounting brackets and screws. They can be installed upwards or downwards, and they can rotate 180 degrees so you can adjust them to shine light where you need it. They can run for up to 24 hours and will shut off automatically after four hours to preserve the batteries. They feature two brightness settings that can be set independently.


This Glass Infuser Pitcher With A Drip-Free Spout

Make fruit flavored water, cocktails, and tea with this glass pitcher that includes a detachable infuser. It will keep fruits, seeds, pulp, and tea leaves out of your beverages and even has a strainer that’s designed to filter liquids while you pour. It has a wide opening so it’s easy to clean and fill. It features a non-drip spout, a stainless steel lid, and a convenient handle. It’s heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees.


A Set Of Wooden Floating Shelves That Support Up To 25 Each

These shelves will look great on any wall in your home so you can display trinkets, pictures, plants, and more. They can also be used to reduce clutter on countertops so you can have more options for storage space. The brackets are hidden so they appear to be floating. They’re stylish and sturdy; they can support up to 25 pounds each.


This Sleek LED Lamp With A Wireless Charging Port & A Pen Holder

Keep your home office tidy with this LED lamp that is designed with a built-in wireless charging port and a pen holder; it really reduces clutter on your desk. It can also be used as a phone holder so you can talk, video chat, and watch movies hands-free. The brightness can be adjusted and it’s gentle on your eyes to reduce eyestrain.


A Set Of Bold Decorative Pillow Covers With Scalloped Edges

Sometimes updating a room in your home is as simple as swapping out accents for something more stylish and bold — like these decorative pillow covers. They’re available in a bunch of vibrant colors and feature a stylish scalloped trim that makes they stand out. They’re made of 100% cotton and feature a concealed back zipper to hold them securely in place without ruining the aesthetic.