In Partnership with Panthère de Cartier

Right-Hand Women: Our TZR Experts Prove The Panthère De Cartier Watch Is A Sophisticated Essential From NYC To LA

By Elly Ayres

From the marbled skyscrapers of New York City to the sun-soaked sidewalks of Los Angeles, the signature style of a city comes down to its inhabitants. While each coast has its own distinct edge, there’s an undeniable current flowing between the two style authorities. Influencing each other without sacrificing what makes them their own fashion landmarks, there’s a common thread of sophisticated style. In partnership with Panthère de Cartier, we’re turning to two TZR experts to share how the cities they call home inspire their looks from weekday to weekend.

To outsiders, the typical West Coast look may seem completely effortless — brimming with well-worn denim and understated staples. But for The Zoe Report Contributing Style Director Nicky Deam, every detail is a considered choice. “The ease of LA style is intriguing to me because it’s still thoughtful and studied,” she says. “Those jeans and tees are incredibly well made, typically locally, and they’re paired with fashion-forward accessories and jewelry.”

Feeling most herself when she’s near the waters of Malibu and Venice, Dean gravitates toward lightweight, versatile pieces that don’t feel precious, topped with signature jewelry. “Not only does [signature jewelry] instantly elevate any outfit, but it becomes a part of your overall aesthetic,” she says. “I love a sleek, classic watch and then a smattering of sculptural pieces like a statement ring or cuff. I think having a beautiful watch is an elegant addition to your wardrobe and is a worthy investment that you’ll enjoy forever.”

Deam’s workday is never the same twice, taking her anywhere from photoshoots in the studio to client brainstorms in the office. On these busy days, Deam says, “I favor loose silhouettes with a feminine twist, so that I’m comfortable but still polished.” If she’s in heels, they’re always walkable, and she adds, “I like my accessories to support the look without overpowering it, hence the sleek Rylan bag and classic jewelry.”

“I tend to focus on high quality materials and thoughtful design details, so overall my looks are laid-back with a subtle twist,” she says. Her off-duty weekend looks center around that classic LA denim, in which she’ll coast from the farmers market to a beachside dinner with ease. While the West Coast’s luxuriously laid-back style may set it apart from the style pack, Deam says, “I think the dressing for oneself attitude of LA style is what stands out the most.”

As The Zoe Report’s Site Director, Lauren Caruso’s trend-curious minimalist aesthetic is perfectly tailored to her Manhattan surroundings. “True to NYC form, I tend to wear mostly black,” she says, “but I like to pepper in neutrals like creams and grays during the summer.”

Her looks always start with the accessories, she says, from the shoes (walkability is essential in the city) to her jewelry pieces. “My jewelry tells a story just as much, if not more, than the clothes I wear,” Caruso says. “Jewelry is so personal, and I love having a piece like a ring made from my grandmother's diamond broach, or a watch that was a gift from someone special to me.”

For summer weekdays spent running in and out of creative meetings, “My go-to look is a slip dress with an oversized blazer,” she says. “It's super comfortable and easy to put together, even when it's sweltering out.” The weekend outfit formula, on the other hand, calls for “breezy dresses and shoes that [she] can clock real miles in,” like a pair of chunky sandals.

New York style is on its own level because "everyone is unapologetically themselves, and it seems like it's something that's really specific to NYC," Caruso says. "It's also the only city where people regularly stop others to ask them about their outfits — even when you're wearing all black.”