From glitter and metallics to over-the-top embellishments and bohemian prints, the ’70s have always been a source of inspiration for stylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe. “It’s inspired my aesthetic for as long as I can remember,” she says. “I’m forever obsessed with the glitz and glamour of the 1970s and the sexy, metallic disco feel.”

The era’s most enduring trends will be on full display in Rocketman (in theatres May 31st), a fantastical, musical retelling of Elton John’s breakthrough that stars Taron Egerton in the lead role. In anticipation of the film’s release and the style icon at the center of the story, we talked to Zoe about the ’70s-inspired trends that have shaped her distinct sensibility — one that harmoniously blends understated elegance with unapologetic glamour.

“I love wearing sequins and fringe and really dressing up,” says Zoe. “It makes me happy, and I think that’s how everyone should approach fashion.” Read on to discover Rachel Zoe’s tips for channeling the glam-rock energy of the ‘70s in your own wardrobe.

Trend 1: The Bell-Bottom

One of the most visually recognizable trends of the ’70s, bell-bottoms present a timeless silhouette.

“I prefer the silhouette whether you’re wearing a full suit for work or wearing flared jeans on the weekend,” says Zoe. “When you wear flared pants, it actually elongates the leg. It’s the perfect way to cheat a little height.” In jeans, trousers, and jumpsuits alike, a flared leg perfectly embodies the dramatic, glamorous energy of the ’70s.

Trend 2: Metallics

Metallics are one of Zoe’s favorite glam-rock trends and make a statement in any outfit. “I treat metallics as neutrals,” she says. “A great gold, silver, or bronze always looks good as a blouse paired with jeans or trousers,” she says. “It’s an easy way to add a little shine.” A bold, metallic top adds effortless dimension, while a gold platform heel on a night out achieves a completely ethereal look.

Trend 3: Fringe

“Fringe can literally be worn a million ways,” says Zoe. “It’s fun and playful and makes anything from handbags to sweaters and full-length gowns instantly more interesting.”

Look for fringe trim and details on your favorite silhouettes, like a jumpsuit, bag, or a black leather jacket (one of Zoe’s favorites). “I love a great fringe jacket or when it’s added to a dress,” she says. “I think it can be worn casually or for evening.”

The best part about being inspired by the past is combining it with your favorite tastes today — creating a look that’s completely you. As Zoe says, “Your style is a genuine reflection of your own unique self.” The combination of your personal aesthetic with these Rocketman-inspired looks will make for a multifaceted style experience that’s all your own. Discover your own signature look, and make sure to see Rocketman in theatres May 31st.

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Illustrations by Allison Gore/BDG; Design: Diana Weisman/BDG; Branded Editor: Elly Ayres/BDG