Rachel Zoe Shares Her Tips On Gifting Diamonds Like A Boss

by Audrey Williams

Rachel Zoe is no stranger to diamonds. If she’s not wearing them to accent her own wardrobe, she’s gifting them to those closest to her.

Mary Elizabeth, Rachel’s personal assistant turned lead video producer, has become one of Rachel’s closest friends — “one of the great loves of my life,” she says. Like diamonds, the relationship they share is rare, precious and unique, so it only makes sense that when Rachel wants to thank her, she reaches for the real thing.

When gifting diamonds, “the idea is that it works into their everyday life,” says Rachel. “How is she wearing this with jeans and a T-shirt? How is she keeping it on to go to a black-tie [event]? … It almost becomes a part of you.”

Over the years, Rachel has gifted Mary Elizabeth a series of diamond necklaces, each bearing a heartfelt meaning. When worn together, they create a beautiful layered statement piece that is as special together as they are individually — a natural testament to the of beauty of diamonds.

Watch the video below to learn how Rachel Zoe gifts diamonds with a thoughtful, unique touch.

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