Rachel Zoe & Jewelry Designer Jennifer Meyer On How To Choose The Perfect Diamond For You

by Audrey Williams

To call a diamond just another piece of jewelry would be a huge understatement. These precious gemstones are rare, natural, timeless, and, when it comes to your wardrobe, they go with everything from a tee and jeans to black-tie attire.

No one knows this better than Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and self-proclaimed diamond lover. For Rachel and Jennifer Meyer, a longtime friend and luxury jewelry designer, the love for diamonds is mutual. They both agree that diamonds aren’t a trend — they withstand the test of time. They’re an extension of the person wearing it, and when it comes time to choose your special diamond, you should look for ones that stand out and feel natural to you.

Because each diamond is truly one-of-a-kind, when choosing, just keep Meyer's philosophy in mind: be authentic, be unique, and always shine. As she says, “In the end, your diamonds will speak to you. So whatever is speaking to you, whatever is calling your name, that is your diamond.”

Watch the video below for more words of wisdom from Rachel Zoe and Jennifer Meyer, and shop a selection of diamond jewelry from Meyer's handcrafted collection below.