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Bibi Deitz

Bibi Deitz is a writer, editor and native New Yorker. She writes about health and wellness for The Zoe Report, and wrote about dating and relationships (and life) for Bustle. Writing about the Oura ring for TZR inspired her to wear one again, and she’s happy to report that she’s been getting optimal readiness and activity scores. (Her sleep score could still use some work.) Her favorite story she wrote for Bustle was about the history of the rainbow as a symbol of LGBTQ+ pride.

She has an MFA in fiction writing from Bennington College. She’s contributed to The Wall Street Journal, Bookforum, Vice, Bomb, Paper, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Man Repeller, HuffPost, Here, and others, covering subjects including travel, tech, relationships, fashion, books, TV, art, health, wellness, beauty, women's issues, and celebrities. Her fiction has appeared in The Harvard Review, Paper Darts, Storyscape, and elsewhere. She has received creative support from Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and Vermont Studio Center.

She grew up in the East Village and spent her twenties in Santa Fe, where she spent many days running in dusty arroyos and basking in hot springs. Her home office in Brooklyn looks out on the leafiest gingko in all the land. More at


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