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Anne Taylor

Anne Taylor is a commerce writer at BDG where she covers everything shopping, from pillowcases that improve sleep to kitchen gadgets that make cooking easier. With an eye for detail and a budget-conscious mind, she's the go-to source for what's worth your money.

Beyond BDG, Anne writes as often as she can about things she's interested in, which is everything from travel to health to historical facts. Her bylines have appeared on various websites, including Teen Vogue, Mental Floss, and Well + Good. She has also published one novel, What it Takes to Lose, and currently has a second in the works. Anne earned her bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University where she worked as a reporter and editor for the student newspaper, The Daily Universe. You can stay up-to-date with her work on her website.

When she's not writing, Anne loves to travel (21 countries and counting), discover her next favorite Asian restaurant, and play with her dog, Pepper.


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