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Aitch Concrete Platter in Dusty Rose Tones


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Details The Aitch Platter in Dusty Rose Tones by Ghanaian homeware brand Studio Badge is a special child. At 23cm x 42cm, she's one of a kind, a beautiful mix of concrete and wood. She might look rough but she's divinely smooth to the touch. What everyone else perceives as flaws - the holes that adorn her surface, the slightly jagged edges that define her - the qualities that she celebrates proudly. She's here to help everything you like to eat look as good as it tastes. The platter is VOC-free and food-safe concrete sealant. All Studio Badge products are proudly hand-crafted in small batches. This means that no two handmade products will ever be the same. Variations in color, shading, texture, shape, and grain are inherent in each Studio Badge product and we believe this is what makes each product special. - Ghanaian Teak Wood, Concrete - 23cm x 42cm - Handmade in Accra, Ghana Designer Accra, Ghana Studio Badge is all about designing and making delightful objects that bring joy into your life.The vision is simple: to discover a new aesthetic that lies somewhere in between minimalist and bold, clean and unrefined, perfectly orchestrated and slightly unhinged. To SB, this represents today’s African: globally exposed but fiercely loyal. Our work is driven by a foundation in architecture, and as a result, we are deeply interested in expressing form, texture and spatial qualities in design.Everything we do is about celebrating the skills of Ghanaian craftsmen and the beauty of Ghanaian hardwood.As such, our products are proudly made in Ghana by the finest Ghanaian craftsmen using premium, kiln-dried Ghanaian hardwood and other locally sourced materials.Our product range is also anchored in a love for concrete, and our collection of concrete platters, as well as concrete lifestyle accessories, reflect this love affair with concrete. Size + Fit The Folklore assigns sizes to each garment according to the below size charts. Sizes are displayedbasedon U.S. standards of measurement. For any additional sizing information about a specific garment, including the size shown on the model and fit suggestions, please refer to the individual product description listed under the specific garment.

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