Preview Burberry’s Spring 2016 Collection on Snapchat

Adding fuel to the social media fashion fire, Burberry recently announced that it would offer a novel new way to see its Spring 2016 designs, and today the U.K. brand made good on its promise: The entire collection is available for preview on…wait for it…Snapchat! Starting on Sunday, September 20, at 2:00 PM EST, the preview shows glimpses of each look as it was being finished for the runway show on Monday. Of course, part of Snapchat’s appeal is that each image disappears after a brief moment–so Snapchatters and Burberry fanatics don’t have much time left to get their sneak peek. Below, some of our favorite Snapchats from the show-before-the-show.

Burberry's beauty look next spring is classically British--fresh, youthful skin and a flirty pink pout.

Photos: Burberry via Snapchat

Looks like we'll be seeing lots of military and nautical-inspired accents, both classic takes on Burberry's iconic history.

We're definitely going to need this handbag dressed up with that trademark trench coat belt buckle.

The 'Nineties trend will last well into 2016 thanks to Burberry's amazing floral prints, babydoll dress silhouettes and that fantastic backpack.

May we introduce you to your next must-have shoe? Thank you for the preview, Burberry!