Zoya's New Summer Nail Polish Collection Features The Minimalist Version Of A Glitter Top Coat


This summer, you probably want a little bit of everything. Hours spent lounging at the beach, romantic date nights, and time wrapped up in a fluffy robe with a face mask on — it's all important. Likewise, Zoya's Summer 2019 nail polish collection, Barefoot, offers a color for each summer-inspired occasion. Ranging from low-key neutrals to dramatic shades of red, Barefoot introduces a whopping 11 new shades to the brand's repertoire. And the price of each new color is hard to beat, too: Every single bottle retails for just $10 a pop.

So, before your next island getaway or night on the town, click over to Zoya's website — you can find the entire Barefoot collection there. If you've already purchased plane tickets to an island destination, stick to the warmer colors from the collection; the spicy coral shade Marcy, shimmery raspberry Robbie, and true red nail polish Liza would all make gorgeous vacation manicures.

If you're looking to try something completely different, branch out with the bubblegum pink Dacey, or even the creamy blue Walker. Although both shades are intense, the opaque crème finishes will balance out the drama, letting you enjoy the colors without being overwhelmed by any additional shimmer or sparkle.


However, the true shining star of the collection is the never-before-seen glitter top coat, Dallas. It turns everything you thought you knew about sparkly top coats on its head — while it delivers a fun shimmer, it's understatedly minimalist as well. It gets its subtleness from a grayscale color scheme: The polish's clear base is packed with different sizes of silver and white glitter, which will gently catch the light depending on the angle.


You can easily control how eye catching you want the monochromatic glitter to be, as well. Zoya's official Instagram account provides all the nail art inspiration you may need, proving the sparkly top coat looks just as good on its own as it does layered over one of the nail polish collection's other shades.

That raises one question, though: Which color will you use as a base for Dallas? Keep scrolling down if you need some inspiration — all 11 new shades from the Barefoot collection (plus the pretty glitter top coat itself) are listed below.