This Sparkly New Fiber Supplement Promises Clearer Skin (& Delivers)

by Jessica DeFino
Love Wellness

Prettily-packaged beauty supplements have a knack for transforming formerly “gross” ingredients into glamorous must-haves. Collagen, once just the goo in connective tissue, is now all but synonymous with plump, glowing skin. Mushrooms have been rebranded as "adaptogens," and as such, are regulars on Goop and in Vogue. Next up? Fiber, thanks to the Oct. 21 launch of Love Wellness Sparkle Fiber. Before you scrunch your nose in disgust, you should know that dermatologists have started recommending fiber for skin health — as it’s the key to making “skin, hair, and nails sparkle,” according to Love Wellness.

“Fiber has been stuck with a bad reputation because advertisers make the mistake of highlighting a singular benefit that nobody wants to talk about: going to the bathroom,” brand founder Lo Bosworthyes, that Lo Bosworth — tells TZR. The entrepreneur clearly isn’t afraid to tackle the taboo; Love Wellness' current product lineup includes a UTI Prevention Kit and boric acid suppositories to treat yeast infections, both of which are oddly adorable. Basically, if anyone can change the public perception of fiber, it's Bosworth — and with Sparkle Fiber, an encapsulated, vegetable-based daily supplement, she's well on her way.

Sure, Sparkle Fiber does help you go to the bathroom, but that’s not its top-billed benefit. This particular fiber supplement is staking a claim in the beauty space. “It acts like a broom that sweeps through your body, grabbing onto toxins that can dull the skin,” Bosworth says. “They get flushed out of the body, improving the quality and health of your skin.” I’ll admit, that seems like a load of marketing BS — but according to derms, it checks out. “Eating fiber helps flush toxins out of the body, which improves both gut and skin health,” Dr. Devika Icecreamwala, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist, confirms in an email to TZR.

Love Wellness

“Over the years, we have learned more about the connection between the skin and gut,” Dr. Icecreamwala explains. “If your gut microbiome is altered, this can lead to inflammation in our other parts of our body, including the skin.” She mentions that acne and rosacea are particularly affected by the gut microbiome, and incorporating a fiber supplement into your daily lineup may significantly improve these conditions. The substance even has immune-boosting properties. “Recent studies have shown that fiber actually feeds our good gut microbes, thickening the mucus wall in our digestive systems that play a role in our immune systems,” Bosworth says. “Adding fiber to your routine also reduces bloating, increases energy, helps you feel full for longer, and brightens up hair, skin, and nails.” Who knew all that was hiding out in Grandma's Metamucil?

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the skin-fiber connection, though, is that this stuff works almost immediately (unlike, say, collagen supplements, which take three months to have any visible effect). “Fiber typically works within 24 to 48 hours to remove waste from the GI tract,” Dr. Icecreamwala says. “The gut microbiome can be restored in up to four days, which is when you should start to see improvement in your skin.” I repeat: You can expect to see clearer, brighter skin after just four days — less than a week — of supplementing with fiber. Four! (4!) Days!

However, it's important to consult with your doctor before incorporating any new supplement into your routine to ensure it won't interfere with your personal health or any medication you may be taking, Bosworth notes. “Additionally, it's important you increase water intake when you incorporate fiber into your diet, and the extra hydration helps you look and feel great, too.” The founder recommends starting slow: Take a single capsule (followed by a tall glass of water) for the first few days, before working your way up to two capsules at a time, then three. “It allows your gut microbes to adjust to the change in their environment,” she says.

Ahead, stock up on Love Wellness Sparkle Fiber to help you go — I mean, glow.

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