Blanca Miró Wants You To Dress Like Her — Sort Of

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"I discover new brands traveling to new places — or sometimes to places I’ve already been, because there’s always something new to discover," explains Blanca Miró, co-founder of Vasquiat, a newly launched e-comm site. "My favorite thing is to meet all these designers that are not everywhere yet [but] they deserve to be known worldwide." This passion and knowledge for off-the-beaten-track brands like Shrimps, Fabrizio Viti, and Paris 99 is part of what led the Barcelona-based influencer to co-found the members only platform that flips the traditional retail model, offering discounts for pre-sale, with prices increasing closer to a product's delivery date.

She describes it as "a big platform with a very curated selection of niche brands mixed with other already known ones. A place where you’re rewarded because the sooner you order the less you pay." The shop feels like an opportunity to shop Miró's own closet — to embrace her quirky-cool style the easy way — with just a click. Or, if you prefer an IRL experience, stopping by the first retail location in New York. "My style is eclectic, colorful, a mix of different eras," Miró says. "I like the end of the '60s, the '70s the '80s. I try to mix vintage pieces with new ones from emergent designers."

For those who don't initially lean toward Miró's colorful aesthetic, she explains that embracing a more eclectic way of dress, including creative layering, is simple. "Just don’t try to wear everything together," she says. "People will realize that was not put together in a natural way. Get inspired and mix and play with colors and patterns. Everything is a game and when you’ve got it you’ll see it easily." It does seem to come easily for the influencer, who can make a sweatsuit and sandals look as trendy as a vintage leather ensemble or head-to-toe Chanel.

Miró has gained a loyal following on Instagram because of her penchant for mixing together the unexpected, but in reality, Miró tries to create a sense of balance when it comes to sharing online, stepping back from the popular social media app when necessary. "Instagram is a very important source for me to show my work and my day to day in fashion creating new things, but I totally think I have a healthy relationship with it," she says. "I can live with and without, it’s just a matter of balance, use it when you have to and don’t take it too seriously." She adds that at the end of the day it's about remaining authentic to your interests and aesthetic. "I think most of the people I follow that have less followers are much cooler than the ones that have millions. It’s important to think you are the same person you were before without these social networks."

Still, Miró's ability to harness the app and share her irreverent way of dressing also helps her followers get an idea of what's in store for them once they decide to apply for membership on Vasquiat's website. (The platform is free, but you must sign up to use it.) "My biggest success is to manage the pressure I have thinking this is our company," Miró notes. "Which is more than enough."

Below, shop a few of the in-season pieces from Vasquiat.

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