This Outdoor Hiking Look Will Take You From The Trails To Brunch With Ease

Whether you're hitting up Runyon Canyon in LA or are spending some quality time with nature in upstate New York, hiking can feel like a decidedly style-focused endeavor, depending on where you are. You never know who you'll run into on the trails — which is why having a hiking outfit that's both practical and on-trend isn't just encouraged, it's a must. You're going to want to stock up on a few outdoor essentials before you get ready to make your first trek of the season.

Depending on how forgiving your terrain is, consider replacing your hiking boots with au courant sneakers that'll segue nicely to a see-and-be-seen brunch spot. It's worth noting that the dusty trails can do a number on white sneakers, so it's best to opt for colorful styles instead. All the better for being spotted if you're unfortunate enough to be dragged into the brush by a mountain lion.

It's 2019, so we're all clear on the importance of sunscreen, but I'd like to stress the importance of good eye protection. A visor-inspired pair of sunglasses like Carolina Lemke's Tempest style, conceived in collaboration with national treasure, Kim Kardashian West, provides wrap-around protection thanks to the 100% UVA lenses that extend along the side arms. Savvy and stylish — just be sure to apply liberal sunblock so as to avoid the raccoon tan your dad sported in the '80s.

Since you're climbing up a canyon, in what we can only assume will be direct sunlight and warm temperatures, you don't want full-length leggings or running shorts. Leggings will be too warm, and you'll want to tear them off at the peak and run down in your underwear. Running shorts leave little to the imagination for the poor souls scaling the mountain behind you. Cycling shorts are therefore the perfect option, particularly when paired with a coordinated sports-bra-cum-top in dusty rose. Finally, if you must bring your phone, stash it in a belt bag, along with keys and sunscreen.

The Outfit

Conquer the great outdoors in a coordinating set that will transport you from one adventure to the next with ease (especially if that next adventure is a post-hike brunch with friends). These pieces by Live The Process ought to do the trick.

The Shoes

A classic nylon sneaker, like this pair by Reebok, will keep you light on your feet, while still offering you the foot protection you need to dominate the terrain ahead of you.

The Sunglasses

Remember, your sunglasses should serve a functional purpose that extends beyond just accentuating your personal style. Kim K's collab with Carolina Lemke gives you the protection you need, while leaning into the tiny sunglasses trend currently dominating Instagram. See available colors here.

The Bag

A white patent leather bag slung around your waist or across your shoulders means you can keep your hands free for more important uses — like maintaining your balance as you scurry down the trail. Jansport makes the one of your dreams.