Vintage Photos Of Cat-Eye Makeup That Show How Celebrities Wore This Trend In The '60s

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Staring at images from the '60s can easily make you want to grab a pair of go-go boots, throw on some Twiggy-esque eyeliner, and bop around to "Baby Love" — and who could blame you? It's the decade of unbeatable music, fashion, and (most importantly) beauty — so much so, that looks from then are still going strong decades later. The proof is simply found in vintage photos of cat-eye makeup, featuring stars who could swipe on lines and flick out wings unlike anyone else.

Looking back, it's obvious that the cat-eye was a go-to for many actors, singers, models, and socialites. Even famous French stars known for their laid-back approach to beauty and je ne sais quoi auras could be found with a light flick. But cat-eyes have never been destined to be subtle, and most celebrities flaunted an impressive variation of the classic.

These icons obviously always rocked equally iconic makeup — Diana Ross, for example, mastered the longest, edgiest wings, Marilyn Monroe paired hers with vibrant red lipstick, and Sophia Loren could always be counted on for graphic, floating version.

Ahead, see these famous women along with six other stars whose looks prove why the cat-eye will never go out of style.

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