Vintage Photos Of Cat-Eye Makeup That Show How Celebrities Wore This Trend In The '60s

Staring at images from the '60s can easily make you want to grab a pair of go-go boots, throw on some Twiggy-esque eyeliner, and bop around to "Baby Love" — and who could blame you? It's the decade of unbeatable music, fashion, and (most importantly) beauty — so much so, that looks from then are still going strong decades later. The proof is simply found in vintage photos of cat-eye makeup, featuring stars who could swipe on lines and flick out wings unlike anyone else.

Looking back, it's obvious that the cat-eye was a go-to for many actors, singers, models, and socialites. Even famous French stars known for their laid-back approach to beauty and je ne sais quoi auras could be found with a light flick. But cat-eyes have never been destined to be subtle, and most celebrities flaunted an impressive variation of the classic.

These icons obviously always rocked equally iconic makeup — Diana Ross, for example, mastered the longest, edgiest wings, Marilyn Monroe paired hers with vibrant red lipstick, and Sophia Loren could always be counted on for graphic, floating version.

Ahead, see these famous women along with six other stars whose looks prove why the cat-eye will never go out of style.

Silver Screen Collection/Moviepix/Getty Images

Diana Ross

It doesn't get much fiercer than this. Singing legend Ross' extra-long winged liner is one of the most dramatically stunning takes on this classic trend. Lined from her inner corner out to the tip of her eyebrow, this is exactly what you need to try if you're looking for an edgy way to rock a cat-eye.

Michael Ochs Archives/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Nancy Sinatra

Sinatra clearly excelled at more than singing — this cat-eye strikes a balance between dramatic and simple. The extra-dark eyeshadow gives it a statement vibe, but abiding by the beauty gospel of the '60s, she kept her wings small and concise in order to maintain that fresh mod feel.

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The Supremes

This image of Ross alongside her leading ladies of The Supremes is a makeup inspiration board in itself. Mary Wilson, pictured in the middle, deserves an award for her beautifully soft and smudged version of the cat-eye that she wore during their trip to London.

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Barbra Streisand

Streisand was and is still a pop legend and one of only a select few celebs who can be titled as an EGOT, winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award. This picture is one of many where the singer is rocking some elevated version of the cat-eye, and here her perfectly clean lines and eyeshadow that blends up from her lid to her crease make it a look worth copying ASAP.

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Robbie Montgomery

One of the original Ikettes, Montgomery could sing, but could also whip out a flawlessly executed cat-eye. Thickly lining the entirety of her eye, this bold look was perfect for big performances, but easily adaptable for wearing around your home today.

Michael Ochs Archives/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Nichelle Nichols

While these thick flicks are gorgeous enough as-is, the eyeliner Nichols' has swiped beneath her lower lash line takes everything up another level. While the actors' cat-eye was perfect for her role in Star Trek, it's equally as good off set as a graphic look.

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Marilyn Monroe

A sharp, thin flick, angular brows, and colored lipstick are a timeless look even to this day, and Monroe's version of it is impeccably flawless. Beauty-wise, the iconic model and actor was known for her cat-eye and red lipstick combo, and it's unsurprisingly still seen on red carpets (and is a fail-proof option for date night).

Ernst Haas/Ernst Haas/Getty Images

Sophia Loren

Loren's variety of cat-eyes are inimitable as she always managed to find a way to make them unique. This particular example perfectly encapsulates floating eyeliner and features a striking illusion between her lower and upper eyeliner.

Santi Visalli/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Jane Fonda

Those Twiggy-like lashes were truly a trademark of the '60s as proven by stars other than the model. Here, Fonda rocks those same graphic lines atop a pretty wave of a cat-eye. This look is one of the most popular today thanks to its no-frills short wing that still provides a pop of style.

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