All The New Ulta Arrivals You Need If You’re Obsessed With Masking


Mask mania has officially landed at Ulta. There are new masks that you put on to add to your skin — supplementing your face with additional hydration and vitamins. Then, there are ones for when you want to subtract: purifying pores, erasing redness, and cleansing your face from any built-up pollution and dirt. Ulta's March 2019 skincare arrivals even usher in masks that target specific parts of your face, like your under-eye area or lips.

No one can complain about the trendiness of masks, though, since they work. When you can just cover your face in the new, multi-tasking $38 Kopari Coconut Detox Mask (the same brand behind the cult-favorite Kopari Coconut Melt), why wouldn't you? The product not only acts as a detoxifying clay mask, but it also moisturizes your face and balances stressed-out, inflamed skin with a calming mix of prebiotics and probiotics. You only use it once or twice per week, and leave it on for just 10 minutes — no one could possibly say no to getting so many results in less time than it takes to preheat an oven.

Besides the occasional mask from beloved brands like Kopari, the majority of the arrivals come from two very different beauty companies: long-standing and cult-favorite Ulta brand Origins and the up-and-coming K-beauty brand DearPacker, which launched at the beauty store March 3.


Origins introduced a handful of new face masks to Ulta's shoppers, which are bound to be a hit. (Judging by the fact that the Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask is out of stock on Ulta's website.) On the other hand, almost every single one of DearPacker's new products at Ulta are masks, and the variety is impressive; use the $15 Plum Seed Sleeping Lip Mask to vanquish chapped lips, the $30 Black Ginseng Gold Mask when you need a refresher, and the $15 5 Minutes Daily Mask when you only have a few minutes before you need to be out the door.

Those aren't the only new products you may need, though. Below, 12 skincare arrivals that recently landed at Ulta — with masks for every part of your face, and a few non-masking goodies that shouldn't be missed.