Tom Ford Released A New & Majorly Flirty Perfume (Just In Time For Valentine's Day)

Courtesy of Tom Ford
Tom Ford's new Rose Prick fragrance in bottle.

There isn't a single Tom Ford perfume that doesn't scream Valentine's Day at the top of its lungs. The designer's eponymous brand is known for its sultry scents — whose romantic names and iconic, sculptural packaging hint at the house's story before you even smell what's waiting inside. Tom Ford's new Rose Prick fragrance is no different, either. In fact, it'll give your usual date-night perfume a run for its money.

Housed in a matte pink "Private Blend" bottle complemented by a black insert, both 50-milliliter and 250-milliliter sizes — $335 and $860, respectively — will add a pop of color to any vanity. Its scent has a shot of being unlike any already in your collection, too; Rose Prick cuts through its namesake floral notes with spicy Sichuan pepper and turmeric extract, keeping the scent as edgy as it is classic.

“The prick of a rose. The slight pain that yields such sensual pleasure. Inspired by my own rose garden, Rose Prick is a wild bouquet of intoxicating and rare hybrids," explained Tom Ford himself in a press release. "A trilogy of Rose de Mai, Turkish and Bulgarian roses."

And speaking of the Bulgarian rose. The note is the heart of the perfume — and one of its rarest, with over one million blossoms necessary to create one kilogram of its oil. Still, though, it's worth it for a perfume that's so unique. "Sharp and pristine. Warm and sensual. A heady bouquet of blooms in pink perfection," Ford continued. "The danger of being so close to beauty heightens the seductive power of Rose Prick."

Courtesy of Tom Ford

Roses don't dominate the entire perfume experience, though. This floral bouquet gives way to patchouli, chypre, and roasted tonka — which features a mix that pulls caramel and vanilla. The perfume dries down into an earthy Tolu balsam and the warm musk that Tom Ford is known for.

Even better? Rose Prick is available on both Tom Ford's website and on NeimanMarcus.com, released the first weekend of February (and just in time for your pre-Valentine's Day shopping). Ahead, the newest scent from Tom Ford.