Rituel de Fille's Latest Dreamy Highlighter Is Unlocked By Registering To Vote

Rituel de Fille/Instagram
Rituel de Fille's The Dream Metamorphic Highlighter swatched on model.

Rituel de Fille has always stood apart from the crowd. It seems easy to, when you're known best for artistic pigments, curated ingredient lists, and a gothic-chic aesthetic — remember that viral black "Anti-Highlighter"? That was Rituel de Fille. And the brand is putting its cult fame to use with its latest drop. Rituel de Fille's The Dream Metamorphic Highlighter may've officially launched on Sept. 18. However, you can only shop the futuristic red highlighter if you're registered to vote.

It's an initiative the brand has dubbed Hex the Vote. "We have been asking ourselves over and over, what can we do that might make a real difference right now?" Katherine Ramos, one of the three sisters and co-founders behind Rituel de Fille, tells The Zoe Report via email. "Getting more people to the polls just felt like one of the most significant things we could possibly be working on." Moreover, the beauty brand is donating 100 percent of the shade's net profits to Spread the Vote and Reclaim Our Vote.

According to the sisters — Caroline, Michelle, and Katherine Ramos — the $32 "infrared shift" highlighter had to meet a qualification trio: powerful, wearable, and universal. "Most importantly, we wanted to release a color for which there are no real dupes," Katherine explains. "Uniqueness was a top priority to inspire people as much as possible to want to participate, and we've never seen anything like this before. Our hope is that releasing something truly special and genuinely unique will inspire action."

Courtesy of Rituel de Fille

That action being an increase in voter registration and actual votes. To unlock The Dream, shoppers first need to show proof of voter registration. "Send a screenshot of your green checkmark confirmation from voteamerica.com to vote@ritueldefille.com," explains Caroline. "Within two business days, we will send you the secret password to enter on our site to access The Dream Metamorphic Highlighter." That said, the last step is the most crucial: "Wear your new highlighter to the polls, or while dropping off your mail-in ballot!" she adds.

Rituel de Fille did take into account that a multitude of factors can limit or prohibit voting eligibility, as well. "Our goal with Hex the Vote is to encourage democratic participation among anyone who is eligible to vote — not to leave people out who cannot vote in the U.S. For anyone who is ineligible to vote due to residency, immigration status, felony disenfranchisement or age, just send a note to vote@ritueldefille.com and we'll make sure you're able to participate too," adds Michelle.

Ready to begin the process? Visit Rituel de Fille's #HexTheVote page on its website to start working towards shopping this one-of-a-kind highlighter.

Are you registered to vote? Click here to take the first step in registering and making sure your voice is heard in the 2020 Election.