This $100 Side Table From Zara Looks So Expensive


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t fan of Zara. What’s not to love? Between the high-end style and incredibly reasonable price point, the affordable retailer is a no-brainer for just about everyone. And just when you thought the brand’s clothing was something to sing about, in walks Zara Home and its roster of goods.

Now, Zara's home goods line is not new by any means, but it seems like it just seems to get better and better with every season — and this fall the offerings are on point like never before. The brand tapped into some of the biggest trends and patterns that have been sweeping the streets for fall. From animal print and brass and gold finishes to velvet and embroidered textures, Zara is making sure everyone is equipped with all the makings of a stylish home. And, in true Zara fashion, every piece — whether it's a quilt or a salad bowl — has that certain little something that gives it an expensive, creme de la creme look .

The Zara team is very careful in keeping its finger on the pulse of all things trending, particularly in the home decor space. That's why, whenever you scope out Zara home online or in-store, everything looks and feels specially curated. That's because it probably is. The beauty of it all is that the prices are so good, you can indulge a bit more as the prices are beyond reasonable (and of course the sales are incredible).

Now, if the idea of completely revamping your home every season throws you into a state of panic, fear not. You don't have to do an overhaul to be properly prepped. It's all about the minor tweaks. For fall, especially, stocking up on small statement pieces that feel quintessentially autumn — like rich colors, heavier luxe finishes, cozy pieces — can make all the difference. You really don't have to do much.

Just remember to sprinkle things in where they make sense. Maybe you can spruce up your neutral sofa by adding some jewel-toned throw pillows into the mix. Or maybe you insert a woven piece into your bedroom or living room to give it an earthy feel. You can also liven things up in your entertaining essentials. A chic glass serving dish or salad bowl make for the most sophisticated spread, no matter who you're entertaining. And, if you want a real upscale edge, opt for gold and marble accents to elevate your home's aesthetic instantly.

To help you hit the ground running this season, below you'll find 10 pieces from Zara that will give your home the magic touch that strikes the perfect balance between seasonal and timeless. And while they all cost no more than $100, they all have that signature Zara touch that makes them look like they carry a much higher price tag. It's going to be hard to say no, but why would you want to?