The Two-Piece Outfit I Swear By For Winter


I throw around the word effortless a lot when I talk about getting dressed. I'm the type who gets flustered in the morning, so I don't want to have to think too much about what I put on. That's not to say I every want to come off as lazy — or even worse, disheveled. So, I'm on a constant quest for easy ensembles I can throw together beyond a simple jeans and sweater combo. Lately, a favorite for me has been wintery two-piece outfit sets that are impactful and creative a certain polished cohesion.

Now, I understand that there's a bit of marketing magic to matching sets. Instead of selling you on a single pair of pants or jacket, a brand can sell you the whole package. While that's clearly a good thing for a businesses' bottom line, there's value for the shopper as well. By buying a coordinating top and bottom, I not only have one great outfit, but I also open the door to a number of easy styling options I can create by breaking the pieces up. And while crisp, classic suiting is likely the first iteration of this trend that comes to mind, I'm currently shopping for slightly quirkier alternatives. Spanish brand Paloma Wool has caused an internet sensation creating knit sets in swirly, psychedelic patterns, and Copenhagen-based Saks Potts is selling brightly colored combos that have been sported on everyone from Ana Kraš to Kylie Jenner and North West. Below, I'm sharing a few of my favorite top-and-bottom ensembles that can make a major impact, but by my count take less than a minute to throw on.

Two Piece Winter Outfits: The Cozy Matching Set

Kooky knitwear may not be something you're instinctively drawn to, but it makes for a fun and impactful outfit that's still plenty cozy. You can wear the top and bottom in tandem, or mix in more laid-back pieces if you're worried it's a bit too bold for your personal taste.

Two Piece Winter Outfits: The Sleek Suiting Set

There's no easier combo to instantly look polished than a sleek blazer and trouser combination. I'll usually style mine with ankle boots or sneakers for a not-too-fussy look. To fight away dreary winter dressing woes, I'm forgoing classic black for a classic blue that adds just a bit of brightness.

Two Piece Winter Outfits: The Quirky Statement Set

I'm loving the way that emerging brands like Area and Miaou are shaking up the status-quo when it comes to pant and jacket combos. Funky prints and crystal details can make something as simple as a denim jacket or wool pants feel instantly refreshed.

Two Piece Winter Outfits: The Sporty Matching Set

Whether your go-to winter sportswear look is simply matching sweats or something a bit more structured (like the reflective two-piece set below), pairing a sporty topper with loose-fitting pants on the bottom is impactful, but doesn't have too feel overly relaxed. If you're going for sweats, try to avoid anything too oversized, and use accessories to dress up the look.