A Vintage YSL Safari Suit, Dior Haute Couture, & More Just Landed Online — Here's Where


An Yves Saint Laurent safari suit. An haute couture Christian Dior dress from the '60s. A sequined '90s mini dress, designed by Tom Ford for Gucci. If you would've asked a fashion lover to put a number to any of these iconic pieces, you probably would've heard one response: they're priceless. At least, that would've been the case before the William Vintage x MATCHESFASHION.COM collection launched. Unveiled online July 24, the 28-piece capsule collection offers a once-in-a-blue-moon chance to own pieces of fashion history. (And yes, that includes the YSL safari ensemble, Dior haute couture, and Gucci mini dress.)

The fashion time capsule comes from none other than London-based William Vintage, and was curated by its CEO Marie Blanchet and the Fashion and Buying Director of MATCHESFASHION.COM, Natalie Kingham. "We are proud to launch this exclusive partnership with iconic pieces of fashion history, to celebrate designers from past decades and their enduring modernity. It's been great working with MATCHESFASHION.COM and Natalie, who has such an incredible eye for product and shares the same appreciation for timeless design," reads a quote by Blanchet in a press email.

"I have always been a fan of vintage with every piece offering its own unique story and rich history," Kingham added. "Focusing on celebrating iconic moments throughout fashion history, Marie is unrivaled when it comes to her ability to source the most interesting and iconic vintage pieces. I know our customers are going to love buying and wearing her specially curated edit."

Naturally, these pieces do come at a price. That two-piece Yves Saint Laurent safari suit from 1968 will put you back $27,291 — though many of the equally iconic pieces from the collection do retail for much less. The collection's 1961 Christian Dior haute couture dress goes for just $5,343, while the mini dress from Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 1998 collection for Gucci will only run you $2,046. (Debating it? Same.)

Make sure you keep an eye on MATCHESFASHION.COM these next few months, too. Although exact dates have yet to be revealed, the brand has noted that further releases are coming.

However, you may be more than happy to just swoon through the first collection (until it inevitably goes out of stock). If so, continue scrolling down. A handful of the best pieces from the William Vintage x MATCHESFASHION.COM collection are ahead.