OUAI & BYREDO Teamed Up For A Very Chic (& Limited-Edition) Collab

Courtesy of OUAI
OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo Mojave Ghost in bottle.

Dry shampoo has been a saving grace lately. With excuses to leave the house still few and far between, occasions to attempt anything more complex that an air-dry or shampoo spritz have slimmed down, too. In that way, the new OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo Mojave Ghost collaboration — which dropped on Sephora.com and TheOUAI.com on Aug. 4 — is very timely. But on the other hand, there's really never a bad time to smell like a BYREDO perfume; since the $24 haircare product takes OUAI's classic Super Dry Shampoo and finishes it off with BYREDO's cult-favorite (and hair-safe) Mojave Ghost scent.

"I’ve known [BYREDO's founder Ben Gorham] for years, and have always used BYREDO products religiously. From the candles to the fragrances and beyond, I’m basically a walking advertisement for the brand," celebrity hairstylist and OUAI founder Jen Atkin tells The Zoe Report via email. "We have always played around with the idea of collaborating in some way, and this just felt like the perfect time. Marrying two iconic products from each of the brands, creating a hybrid that made sense — it felt like the exact right approach for a limited-edition collab."

Settling on Mojave Ghost as the BYREDO scent made sense to Atkin, as well, who says it's been a "top contender" in her own collection for quite some time. "We went back and forth on a few different options but at the end of the day, I kept coming back to Mojave Ghost. I’m naturally very drawn to it and always have been," she explains. "The scent itself is extremely soulful and dense without being overpowering or overwhelming. It’s really sexy too, but not overly feminine, not overly masculine. We wanted a versatile enough fragrance that you wouldn’t get sick of smelling every time you whipped your hair around and caught a whiff of yourself."

Courtesy of OUAI

Which is something that will happen if you spring for the limited-edition dry shampoo. OUAI sent me a sample before the launch, and I've spritzed it on my hair a number of times — both to minimize oil and as a noticeable fragrance before heading out the door. Like OUAI's regular Super Dry Shampoo, the fragrance version adds a nice thickening boost at the root, with the leftover white cast disappearing with a little zhuzhing.

Best of all, it's an accessible way to decide if the Mojave Ghost fragrance is your new favorite perfume before you invest in a bottle (since as any BYREDO fan can tell you, they are in fact investments). Below, the new Super Dry Shampoo Mojave Ghost from the limited-edition OUAI x BYREDO collab.

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