Sunday Riley Is Stepping Into The Haircare Arena With Serum For Your Scalp

Sunday Riley
Formula and bottle of Sunday Riley Clean Rinse.

Skin care is no longer just one category. Over the past few years, you could track its infiltration — or rather, takeover — of traditional makeup via CC cream, BB cream, and the ever-present hyaluronic acid. Then, it came for body care, bringing with it an array of neck-care routines and luxury hand soaps. But for 2020, the spotlight has been on your scalp. So, it makes sense that Sunday Riley's first-ever haircare product would be for an area that bridges the gap between two routines. Meet the Sunday Riley Clean Rinse, a chemical exfoliation serum that refreshes your scalp rather than your face.

And its ingredients will ring a bell for skincare fans. The $48 clarifying scalp serum is formulated with two exfoliating acids — glycolic and salicylic — which, as haircare, will help whisk away follicle- and pore-clogging buildup. This is accented by Sunday Riley's rose clay, which plays its traditional role as an impurity and oil attractor. That means that once you rinse away the serum, everything from product buildup to excess sebum to everyday pollution will be washed down the drain. (Meanwhile, vitamins, fatty acids, and rosewater will hydrate your scalp, and keep things from drying out as you treat.)

Sunday Riley

Here's the kicker, though. The Clean Rinse serum is online at the moment — though only for a limited time. Sunday Riley began an exclusive, early access launch via its own website on April 16, though the Clean Rinse's official launch isn't until July. This means that there is only a limited amount of the scalp serum on SundayRiley.com; and once it's sold out, shoppers won't be able to get their hands on it until this summer.

Fans of the popular skincare brand should prepare to see more new additions on the horizon, as well. While details are still largely under wraps, this is just the first of several new upcoming category launches for Sunday Riley. Until more is revealed — and to make sure you don't have to wait until July to pick up the Clean Rinse — keep scrolling down to shop Sunday Riley's newest product.

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