Why This Perfect Fall Color Is LIVE TINTED's Very First Shimmer Shade

Courtesy of LIVE TINTED
LIVE TINTED Huestick in Change on models in campaign photos.

Introducing a new Huestick to the LIVE TINTED family is no small feat. The hero product of the beauty brand, the multipurpose pigment looks like a lip crayon — and can function like one, if you'd like. Depending on the shade you get, it can also work as eyeshadow, blush, color-corrector, and, thanks to the new LIVE TINTED Huestick in Change, a shimmery highlighter. Launched exclusively on LiveTinted.com on Sept. 15, the $24 copper shimmer shade marks a new direction for the brand, and it's one that merits the name CHANGE.

"I grew up in Sugar Land, Texas and though I was around people like me when I went to temple every week, everyone at school didn’t look anything like me and that made me want to change everything about myself," Deepica Mutyala, founder of LIVE TINTED, exclusively tells The Zoe Report via email. "These memories have shaped LIVE TINTED into what it is today. I wanted to create a brand for people who look like me so we can finally be a part of the beauty narrative. CHANGE is a culmination of all those experiences and celebrating a moment in our brand story where we start feeling that change is happening in a real way."

On the surface, this is the sheer fact that CHANGE is LIVE TINTED's first shimmer shade. "This product is a marker of a shift that we are making in our Huestick collection, from matte color to shimmer and shine. Something to look forward to, something to hope for," Mutyala continues. "We choose copper because this metal is reflective, special, and has warmth and the depth of our community and different cultural storylines. Copper celebrates melanated skin tones and can be manipulated and reshaped in so many fun ways in your routine."

Courtesy of LIVE TINTED

Additionally, LIVE TINTED is using the shade's campaign as a springboard to encourage shoppers to go to the polls this November; a campaign video is available on the beauty brand's Instagram, and Mutyala notes that the company has "partnerships in development later this year and beyond," as well. "We’re leaning into and highlighting the power of voting, especially in communities of color," she adds. "This campaign is part of our continued efforts to bring awareness to and focus on ending colorism while advocating for marginalized people — both on a local and national level."

Shop CHANGE by visiting LiveTinted.com, or grab the new shade at the link below.

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