The Neutral Work Capsule Wardrobe I'm Investing In For 2021

A woman in a brown turtleneck holding up a leather Medium Chocolate Shopping Bag from Telfar

I start a new job next month. While I'm very sad to leave my fellow team members after two and a half years at TZR, I'm still really excited about my fresh start. It's at a legacy cosmetics brand under the umbrella of a legendary marketer. Which basically means that I'm going to have to dress up a bit more. That's why I'm investing in a neutral work capsule wardrobe to ease the transition from my comfortable sweats and hoodies.

Because I've worked in publishing for the better part of the decade, I don't really have a "traditional" work wardrobe, so to speak. That was actually one of my favorite aspects about being in the creative field and spaces where fashion was more expressive. I tend to gravitate towards dresses and skirts anyway, but I didn't feel judged on days where I came to work in jeans and a tee.

I'm not totally sure what the dress code is at my new office — or if we'll even be returning to the building anytime soon — but these elevated basics should work in any scenario.

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All-Black Wardrobe Essential: The Dress

Because I have to give my sweats a rest, dresses are the next best thing in terms of comfort. I've been eyeing this leather trench dress from Eloquii for a while. New Yorkers love their leather. I could easily layer this with a thin turtleneck and gold hoops. And this pretty Carolina Hererra dress would be great for larger all-hands meetings. I like wearing an exaggerated sleeve for Zooms, since people can only see the top half of me, anyway.

All-Black Wardrobe Essential: The Suit

I am a strong believer in the power of the suit. I have several variations in my closet: Some are colorful, some are printed, some are wide-leg. But a simple black suit like this one from Henning could go a long way — especially with the touch of satin on the lapel.

Neutral Wardrobe Essential: The Coat

Another New York City staple: An overflowing coat closet. I've been eyeing this Nychole Lynel number for quite some time — the volume and shine would certainly turn heads if I did swing by my new office. You also can't go wrong with a wool peacoat, either. I like the roomy silhouette of this one from Universal Standard.

All-Black Wardrobe Essential: The Bag

Perhaps it's a Christmas miracle, but recently, I was able to secure a Chocolate Telfar shopper without any hassle (or without having to venture over to StockX). I don't have a brown handbag in my arsenal, and I'm excited to break up the monotony of my rotation of black bags. Until I get my hands on this CHANEL, at least. I have a milestone birthday coming up soon, and investing in it would be the perfect way to treat myself.

All-Black Wardrobe Essential: The Shoes

As I write this story, I'm staring at a pile of snow that rests comfortably on my windowsill. It hasn't moved for nearly a week. It's the same situation around my building and on the sidewalks of my neighborhood as well. A few stylish pairs of lug-sole leather boots are on my wishlist for that very reason — I wouldn't want to arrive to my new office in clunky snow boots or my handy dandy UGGs.