Jil Sander's Newest Collab Is A Must-Have For Minimalists

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Jil Sander
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An extra button here. A detachable hood there. This is the finely tuned art of Jil Sander+ — and the Jil Sander x Mackintosh collab itself. Released for Fall/Winter 2019, the collection makes quick work of redefining utilitarianism. Namely, that the aesthetic is often synonymous with a colder, more detached style. There is warmth to be found in these luxe pieces, woven into the nature of how you wear them.

While it'd be difficult to argue that Jil Sander+ isn't minimalist — a key element of modern utilitarianism and the fashion house Jil Sander itself — these new pieces may turn what you know about the style on its head. When introducing the Jil Sander+ line, the fashion house took to its website to outline its intentions: "It blends the sense of luxury, comfort, and design of Jil Sander with honest, authentic items. Form follows function, the mood is utilitarian, relaxed, cozy."

Most importantly, Jil Sander noted that the unisex Jil Sander+ pieces are "made for life outside of the city" — think hiking through mountains, or stepping through the tall grass of a far-flung field. Yes, you will inevitably see the collection's latest three jackets styled by the streetwear sect, and yes, it will look great; however, these are coats that can be shrugged on during a downpour as you walk to work, as well. They're up for the challenge of day-to-day life.


And that's where the collection's collaborative nature steps in. The three Jil Sander+ coats now available are all crafted from Mackintosh's famous rubberized fabric, which repels any water that comes in contact with it. This means that when you pull on your $3,570 Jil Sander+ hooded coat, you won't just look good; you'll also be almost fully protected from any rain clouds that float your way.

The inspiration to create outdoors-ready clothing comes from the experiences of Jil Sanders' Creative Directors, Lucie and Luke Meier. Both grew up in nature, and spent time hiking, skiing, and snowboarding in the mountains. "They both appreciate garments that are equally practical, sensitive, and beautiful, capable of enduring adverse weather conditions yet comfortable," continued the brand in the Jil Sander+ announcement.

And while it may be sunny outside at the moment, that adverse weather is right around the corner. Below, all three new coats from the Jil Sander x Mackintosh collab, available now on Mackintosh.com.

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