Thanks To This New Collab, You Can Now Buy A J.Lo-Approved Scalp Scrub


It's been said before, but the new Jennifer Lopez and Hers haircare collection merits it again: There's nothing that J.Lo can't do. Following this summer's JLo Beauty buzz, the multi-hyphenate has momentarily turned her industry-sharpened focus on hair, teaming up with the direct-to-consumer wellness brand Hers. Two new products are included in the late October drop, and are now available to pre-order on ForHers.com: the Rapid Repair Hair Mask and Detox Scalp Scrub.

Inspired by Lopez's own wealth of experience, the two new hair products are surprisingly affordable, clocking in at just $22 a piece. Hers developed the products hand in hand with Lopez, giving fans a small sneak peek into the star's own beauty preferences. Or, as the brand put it on an Instagram caption announcing the new hair products: "We’re bringing @JLo’s best-kept industry secrets to your shower."

And luckily, these secrets don't require your very own glam squad or the help of a celebrity stylist. The Rapid Repair Hair Mask is incredibly easy to use, and only takes five minutes of your time to get to work. It's made with keratin, so use it if your hair is on the damaged side and needs a protein treatment to help it repair itself from the inside out.

On the other hand, the Detox Scalp Scrub can be used whenever you feel like you're experiencing major haircare product buildup — which, as you undoubtedly know by now, can actually affect the hair itself and prevent it from growing as abundantly. The product gets its exfoliating power from salicylic acid — which is great for oiler-than-average hair — and sugar, which works as a natural scrub that washes away after you're finished with it.

Then there's the fact that both of the new launches smell really, really good. The scrub is fragranced with peony and sandalwood, while the hair mask has a "Coastal California" scent. (Think: sea salt, wood sage, and beachy driftwood.) Though it should come as no surprise that a seasoned pro like Lopez can help create yummy scents — and powerful haircare. Find both of the new products on ForHers.com, below, where they're available for pre-order as of Oct. 29.

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