Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Marcel Ostertag

The Drugstore Foundations For Winter That Celebrity Makeup Artists Swear By


Not sure if you recall, but there was once a time when drugstores were better known for picking up prescriptions and cleaning supplies, rather than scooping up a new palette. But these days, the makeup aisle rivals the cosmetic counters at the finest department stores.

And with the abundance of products on display, finding a good foundation has never been easier. Finding a drugstore foundation for winter is a bit tougher, though: “During the winter, you want to look for foundations that are moisturizing and hydrating — but not full of oil,” makeup artist Dionne Wynn, who works with Tiffany Haddish, tells The Zoe Report. “If you can’t find your exact tone, you should custom-blend your foundation."

None of us are one skin tone, she says — the center of your face, where the sun hits first, may be yellow, and the perimeter of your face may have more red undertones. "I mix foundation colors all the time to get the color and finish that I want," Wynn continues. With that in mind, TZR asked celebrity makeup artist Eric Ferrell, pro makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, and New York City-based makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci about their favorite picks appropriate for mixing and blending to perfection.

Dionne Wynn, who works with Paula Patton, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Kristin Cavallari, loves Total Control Drop for "the amazing colors, coverage, and long-lasting wear." I've used the product before, too, and love the versatility: Some days I don't want a full face, and can adjust my coverage with the number of drops that I use.

ColorStay is "rich in pigment and moisture," according to Wynn, and the hyaluronic acid works to keep your skin hydrated and plump.

"L'oréal's True Match has a great color palette to match your overall color and undertones," Wynn notes. "For example, Sun Beige W6 describes the color and warm undertone, respectively."

Ferrell, who's worked Kelly Rowland, Missy Elliot, Beyoncé, and the late Aaliyah, likes this formula for acne-prone skin. Skin that already has blemishes tends to get inflamed with foundation, but with the salicylic acid, your complexion looks clearer and heals, too.

Ferrell says that PhotoReady provides "great liquid coverage"... and with an SPF 20-packed formula, you'll be covered in more ways than one.

This ultra-hydrating formula boasts 24 hours of wear, doesn't flake, or give you a cakey finish. Some Ulta reviewers claim that they wear the foundation by itself — no primer needed.

While looking for a formula, Patinkin says that she searches for "brands that have a clear swatch on the website, and where the names contain a couple of keywords that make it easier to guesstimate what color would work for you," she notes. "Like one word to describe tone (such as light, medium dark) and another word to give you an idea of the pigment (like ivory, beige, or tawny)."

Ideal for normal to dry skin, this dermatologist-tested foundation is an influencer and makeup artist favorite because of its wax and oil-free formula.

"I don’t always love full-coverage foundation but this compact goes on smooth, sets to a soft, powdery finish and keeps deeper skin tones from looking flat," Ciucci Tells TZR.

"Cream stick foundation is good for on-the-go application and can double as your concealer, and they also offer much-needed shades for women of color," Ciucci notes. "These shades are rich don't avoid an ashy finish."

This BB cream feels like a moisturizer, but covers like a foundation. It's a favorite of Ciucci's because it "looks super natural, but diffuses fine lines and imperfections."