The Best Winter Candles Don't Smell Like Fir Or Sugar Cookies

As I drove down Brooklyn's Flatbush Avenue this weekend, I noticed that things looked a bit... dim, a reflection of the year we just came out of. For me and most of my inner circle, winter cheer typically comes in the form of a themed espresso drink and a couple swipes of glittery makeup for after-work events, but those opportunities have been few and far-between lately. That said, I've relied on candles for comfort, an outlet to make me feel like I'm someplace else either than my small apartment. I've made room on my coffee table for winter candles I've discovered — preferably, ones that don't smell like sugar cookies or hot chocolate.

Now, don't get me wrong — there's nothing wrong with those mega-sized three-wick candles that you find at the mall. In fact, I prefer burning those cheaper ones, as they sometimes have better silage than my fancy-schmancy faves. But on days when I want to entertain (and impress), I plan on pulling out something like Boy Smells' Holiday Cedar Stack since I can't throw a couple of logs into my nonexistent wood-burning fireplace. Or, come times like this dry January, I'll light my Bizarre Brandy Single Wick Candle by Molton Brown instead of pouring a stiff one. And what's better is that all of the candles, below, would make foolproof new years gifts — and there's always room for spreading good cheer. See my favorites ahead.

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