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The Best Neon Nail Polishes For Every Skin Tone, According To The Pros


Typically, people associate pastel tones with springtime; brighter shades are usually reserved for the summer. But truth be told, there shouldn't be any rules or restrictions when it comes to wearing neon colors; go blinding or go home is what I always say. Finding the best neon nail polish for your skin tone, however, takes a little bit of skill and patience so that your brights look right.

"When selecting a nail color, I look at the variation in tones of the color that compliments my skin tone. The perfect color should match my complexion undertone or provide contrast to make my nails pop," Kim Truong, a celebrity nail artist who works with Alessandra Ambrosio and Camila Cabello, tells TZR.

And you can't just go by the bottle, either. Sometimes, neons can trick you... they'll appear bright inside of packaging but once applied, the shade can look dull or wash you out. The trick, according to Elle, a celebrity manicurist, is to layer accordingly. “To get the brightest tone, apply white polish first," the pro, who works with Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lopez, says. "Then do your neon color over it. This ensures a non-streaky application. Then finish with a clear top coat."

Ahead, read more pro-approved tips for your best neon manicure yet.

Fair Skin

"Fair skin tones typically have a cool pink or blue undertone. So go for a polish with similar undertones. Neon pinks, bright blues, and dark neon purples look great on fair skin tones," Truong notes.

Nail Lacquer in Beach Cruiser



Truong recommends this brightly hued fuchsia for those with lighter skin tones.

Neon Nail Color in Techno Bloom



Even though this shade looks pink, it has a gorgeous purple finish once applied.

Nail Polish in Pure Vanilla



This matte polish is so rich that you don't even need a topcoat have to apply a topcoat.

On The Shore Sunsational Nail Polish Collection in That's Shore Bright


China Glaze

China Glaze polishes contain Chinese clay, which helps your nails harden once your polish is applied. It also creates a porcelain look that makes your mani appear shiny.

Medium Skin

"Neon yellow for warmer skin tones adds a beautiful contrast and is definitely eye-catching," celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards tells TZR. And Truong seconds that. "It brings out the brightness of warm skin tones," she notes. "Corals do the same thing, too."

Nail Polish in Flame



Gel Bottle Inc.

Truong suggests this bright orange polish since it doesn't veer yellow. Bonus: the longwear formula lasts up to four weeks.

Nail Lacquer in Glowstick



"This neon, creamy polish by Orly works well with medium skin tones," Truong says.

Dark Skin

"With neons, the contrast of a dark skin tone and the polish makes them pop even more," says Chelsea King, a celebrity manicurist. Yellows, "slime" green, and true oranges are always radiant.

Nail Lacquer in Key Lime Twist



This polish's creamy base makes it a cinch to apply, and eliminates the need for several coats.

Nail Polish in Stencil Me In



The hint of shimmer in this polish makes it a perfect standout shade for rooftop happy hour season.

Nail Lacquer Tru Neon Collection in Pants On Fire



This tangerine color might look vivid, but once on, it's not too overbearing at all.

Nail Polish in Paz



But Paz, however, is so loud that it almost glows on your skin.

Deep Skin

"High-impact shades pop on those with deep skin complexions," Truong says. Think warm neon yellows and bright turquoises."

Nail Lacquer in Slapper


Butter London

If you heed Truong's advice, then this turquoise shade is sure to look bold on your deep complexion.

Infinite Shine Polish in La Paz-itively Hot



OPI called this electric pink "the perfect shade for summer" in a site description.

Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Giallo Napoli



Select a warmer yellow for deep skin tones, like this one from Chanel. The warm tone creates a creamy color payoff which makes the application richer.