I Always Look For This One Thing In High-Waisted Leggings


Six days a week, I'm doing some form of exercise. I may be hiking, jogging, or going to yoga, but I learned a long time ago that to keep my mind sharp and my stress in check, I needed to break a sweat. All this working out requires a workout wardrobe to match, so I own a lot of leggings. As a self-proclaimed workout gear expert, I've found through trial and error what works — and even better, what doesn't. My go-to workout outfit is a pair of high-waisted leggings and a sports bra or old cotton tee — an ensemble that's comfortable, breathable, and easy. But, while every body is different, I've learned that for my 5'9" frame, the best high-waisted leggings all had one thing in common: a wide waistband.

This may not seem to be a detail of particular importance, but having spent many a jog tugging my leggings up as they slide down my waist, or yanking them while they cut into me during yoga, a wide band is the simple solution to these issues. Whether you prefer styles that hit above or below the bellybutton, a thick waistband ensures that your leggings will stay put, even as you move. You'll skip the uncomfortable feeling of the seams digging into your skin, and you won't have to expend your mental energy fidgeting with your leggings as they slide around in exactly the ways you don't want them to.

Since exercise is so personal (I love boxing, but know many friends who don't share my same enthusiasm), your workout-wear should be too. Not everyone will have the same routine or experience as myself, but giving these high-waisted leggings a try could help solve your own gear woes — here's to hoping! Shop a few of my favorites below.