The Coolest Lipstick & Eyeliner Trends To Try This Fall

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While most reel with excitement at the thought of fall fashion, I've always been more enthusiastic about fall beauty. I can finally take my deep brown and purple lipsticks out of their temporary retirement, and can yet again go on the hunt for a new foundation formula that will add hydration to my skin as the temperatures fall. Luckily, the best fall makeup trends are staying true to years' past, with the addition of emphasis on bold eye looks and a glistening complexion.

"I foresee people taking the liberty to freely express themselves through makeup this fall," AJ Crimson, celebrity makeup artist and founder of AJ Crimson Beauty says. "The confinement has hindered creativity in many ways, so we're going bright." However, he says that while we may opt for that neon pink lip rather than the nude this fall, full faces of makeup will be taking a back seat. "We're definitely stepping into a more fresh, less-is-more type of a mindset."

Scott Barnes, J. Lo's go-to makeup artist and founder of Scott Barnes Cosmetics agrees, intentionally creating more vibrant palettes for fall rather than just the traditional neutrals. "While the end of summer is approaching I think we need to make the most of it," he says. "I think with everyone stuck at home it gives people time to experiment and have fun. Makeup is such an incredible way for people to get creative at home! The great thing about makeup is that it’s not permanent - if you mess up, you can just wash it off!"

So ahead, check out the resplendent fall makeup trends encompassing matte lips, bright eyes, and radiant skin.

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Fall Makeup Trends: Multi-Textured Eyes


Barnes says that blending textures on the lid is an easy way to add dimension to the eyes. "Get excited about metallics, heavy metals and eye catching shine which can be combined with neutrals for an eye catching and gorgeously different look," he says.

Fall Makeup Trends: Matte Lips

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"With the era of masking seeing no end in sight, I actually think that matte liquid lips are going to come back," Crimson says. "I've already seen people inching out of the gloss. Women are finding the transfer of their lipsticks on the inside of their masks, so the need for something more long-wear has spiked."

Fall Makeup Trends: Smokey Lids


"I don't think people talk enough about smokey eyes," Crimson says. Much in part, Crimson attributes, to being intimidated by creating it on themselves. However, he's discovered an expert tip for beginners. "All you have to do is take a deep lipstick color in a satin finish and swipe it across your lid a few times, then blend it with your fingertips. No brushes or eyeshadows needed."

Fall Makeup Trends: Lined Lids


Crimson anticipates liners occupying far more space on the lids than shadows, extending deep into the crease to create the illusion of larger eyes. "Expect everyone to really be playing up the eyes in different ways," Crimson says. "Graphic liner is going to be really great and a great way to express yourself without having to do too much anywhere else."

Fall Makeup Trends: Bright Red Lips

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"I also think we may see more understated, natural eyes but paired with a bright red lip," Barnes says. "I know we usually see darker lips colors like berries and wines crop up in the fall, but I’m seeing bright red lips this season."

Fall Makeup Trends: Cream Complexions


"For me, the thing that I'm saying to women is, 'take it off,'" Crimson says. "I'm not saying not to wear foundation, I'm just saying pull back. That said, I think we'll see a lot of cream formulations take a front seat. There's a need for formulas that are cream-based and lightweight, yet long-wear at the same time."

Fall Makeup Trends: Serum-Coated Skin


While matte complexions are more common in the fall, Crimson is insistent on a more dewy, natural base, which he creates by applying a generous layer of serum to his client's skin before foundation. "I've been obsession over MUTHA's newest face oil," he says. "It's not too heavy but offers just the right amount of hydration needed for a smooth finish."

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