Why Derms Love These Luxury Skincare Products

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Treating skincare like an art form is at the center of all the best Dior skincare products. As a luxury skincare brand, the efficacy of each product is a high expectation among buyers, and Dior is committed to delivering through extensive product research. Dr. Raheleh Sarbaziha, a board-certified internist based in Washington, is very familiar with Dior's products and uses them herself. "Over 260 researchers are conducting trial and error tests before making the products," she says.

Many of the products, like the Capture Youth collection, contain stem cells and peptides, which both promote cell turnover and increases collagen production. "Dior is one of the first brands to incorporate the use of stem cells in skincare," Dr. Sarbaziha says. "As an integrative and aesthetic doctor, I appreciate the use of stem cells and peptides and use them readily in my clinic. I like that Dior uses research and development to incorporate these anti-aging ingredients."

Serums and moisturizing creams are brand fan favorites, but dermatologists also approve the exfoliating scrubs because they incorporate essential ingredients like vitamin Ee for soothing the skin. "I'm a huge fan of the scrubs for my face. Because I use retinoids regularly, chemical exfoliation makes me peel too much," Dr. Hadley King says.

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