These Are The Best Black (& Nearly Black) Nail Polishes, According To The Pros

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The 9 best black nail polishes, and alternatives to black nail lacquer.
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No other lacquer shade can turn heads and create debate quite like the very best black nail polish. And just in case you've ever wondered if you, too, can pull off the dark-as-can-be shade: Of course you can. "Black works well for any skin tone," Elle, a celebrity nail artist who's worked with Katie Holmes, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lopez, tells The Zoe Report via email.

So, that's settled then. But Elle does have a secret to share that might come in handy if you're completely new to embracing the darkest shade nail brands have to offer. "I love mixing a black and a dark shade if a client is scared to wear black," she explains. "Dark colors are all opaque. The tints of other hues underneath take the edge off of being so black, and it's a fun way to express style and wear black differently."

Not terribly into the idea of mixing your own nail polish shade? Spring for a color that's almost black, but not quite. "Below are my favorite black go-tos, depending on what works best with their wardrobe or the look someone wants," Elle continues. "If you’re sceptic to wear black because it feels like Halloween, these are a great alternative as they are blackened hues with a little tinge of color."


And just in case you are a seasoned black nail polish pro, looking for the best of the best, TZR also caught up with Chillhouse Lead Nail Tech, Molly Romah. Ahead, both artists' recommendations for the best black — or nearly black — nail colors, plus more fan favorites from across the web.

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